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Heirs of Salvation

Sermonette; #1542s; 17 minutes
Given 02-May-20

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Angels are described in Hebrews 1:13-14 as "ministering spirits"; they tend to the needs of the heirs of salvation. Daniel, Elisha, and Job were all aware of angels protecting them. Similarly, all those called by Almighty God, co-heirs with Jesus Christ, are currently under the protection of these ministering spirits. As children of God, now in the process of sanctification, we are no different from a slave. But as we complete our spiritual walk, we will attain the dominion God promises in Psalm 8, a psalm which, rightly understood, indicates that, not only Jesus Christ, but all mankind, is the subject. Angels are hard at work serving and protecting God's elect. In the fullness of time, along with Jesus Christ, the children of light will attain dominion over the world to come.



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