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Healing of 10 Lepers

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Sermonette; Dec 2, 2017
Are You Thankful or Forgetful?

Gary Monks, asking us whether we are thankful or forgetful, ruminates on our forebears who, though initially grateful, soon forgot the display of His gracious power as He rescued them from Egyptian bondage. The episode of the healing of the ten lepers, with only one returning to express thankfulness, underscores the ingratitude so endemic in human nature. Nine took the miracle of their healing for granted. Do we, as God's called out ones, appreciate our redemption from sin? Do we appreciate the blessing of a sound mind which God's Holy Spirit produces? Paul identified ingratitude as a prevalent character trait of people living in the last days. We cannot let the world and its ways rub off on us. God challenges us to follow the example of Jesus Christ, who gave thanks in everything, including horrendous trials. Jesus knew what He was going through, but also knew what was ahead, trusting His Father. Similarly, we must remember that all things work together for good for those called according to God's purpose.

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Sermonette; Nov 25, 2017

Ryan McClure, reflecting on President Abraham Lincoln's 1863 Thanksgiving Day proclamation, delivered at the height of the American War Between the States, marvels at President Lincoln's reverence to the Creator, crediting Him with the bounties of produce, minerals, and many other tangible blessings. Thanklessness is perhaps the most egregious sin of our culture. Jesus addressed the problem of thanklessness in the Luke 17:11-19 narrative of the leper (and a foreigner at that!) who took the time to thank Christ for healing him—the one leper out of ten healed on that occasion. As God's called-out ones, we cannot emulate the nine ungrateful lepers, but must be creative and proactive in our expressions of thanksgiving. It would be well to create lists of things for which we have been thankful, including daily answered prayers. We should make a practice of expressing thankfulness every day we draw breath—not just annually or sporadically.

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CGG Weekly; Sep 9, 2016
Giving Glory to God

Mike Fuhrer:  A good friend recently told me of an experience he had several years ago. ...

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Bible Study; January 2015
The Miracles of Jesus Christ: Ten Lepers Healed

Christ's healing of ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19) stands as a significant sign of His divinity, as it was widely known that only God could heal leprosy. Martin Collins unpacks this scene, explaining that Jesus' interaction with the one leper who returned in gratitude teaches a great deal about faith and spiritual blessings.

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Sermon; Dec 22, 2001
New Covenant Priesthood (Part 5)

John Ritenbaugh reiterates that humility is not an obsequious demonstration of low self esteem, but instead it is a proper estimate of our relationship to God, which is a choice to act and behave as a servant or slave. If we would follow Christ's example of humility, we would have automatic unity. We need to have both the inclination and the follow-through act of humility and lowliness of mind. We have to cultivate the same attitude as our Elder Brother as He esteemed others above Himself. Faith, praise, gratitude, thanksgiving, and humility all work together at building character. Perseverance in prayer and faithfulness causes our faith to increase and rescues us from pernicious worldliness.

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