Sermon: Be Thankful!


Given 20-Jul-96; 67 minutes

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The people of modern Israel have become truly spoiled, surfeiting on the blessings given to Abraham's offspring. The danger of abundant blessings is that we tend to forget the source of these blessings and cease being thankful. When people forget to be thankful, they forget God, causing their once pliable hearts to become hard and stiff like leather. If we properly meditated on the awesomeness of the universe, the plenitude of creation, or the marvelous complexity of our own physical bodies, we would be properly thankful. Even our trials, instruments to correct and to bring growth, should inspire gratitude for their ultimate effects. We show gratitude for our calling through continual prayer, offering each petition with thanksgiving. In this time of scattering, we need to be thankful for one another, showing patience and mercy for one another's shortcomings.



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