Forerunner, "WorldWatch," November 21, 2017

Recently, a handful of medical associations in the United Kingdom (UK) have gone on record in support of extreme abortion policies that push the legal limits of abortion far beyond what is allowed in the United States., the website of an American pro-life organization, carried an article on September 22, 2017, titled, “In Shocking Vote, British Doctors Endorse Legalizing Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth,” reporting:

The [Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ (RCOG)] General Council voted to support the removal of all criminal sanctions associated with abortion in the UK. Only 33 council members were allowed to vote on this important issue, despite the RCOG having 14,000 members, fellows, and associates.

Currently abortion on demand is only legal in Britain up to 24 weeks and late-term abortions on unborn babies after that point are limited. The vote endorses opening up abortion throughout pregnancy for any reason.

This move comes as no surprise to those familiar with this organization. The RCOG and the British abortion industry have been allies for decades. Moreover, in a national newspaper interview, RCOG President Lesley Regan, a professor and a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist for 33 years, has compared a woman getting an abortion to the removal of a bunion, calling for abortion to be decriminalized.

This vote comes on the heels of the Royal College of Midwives and the British Medical Association both deciding within the last year-and-a-half to adopt similar abortion policies. Members of these groups support extending the legal period of abortion to seven months, beyond the point of a fetus’ ability to survive outside the womb. Many abortion advocates in these groups have said that they would go even further. The article continues:

Decriminalization would mean abortions basically would be legal for any reason up to birth in the UK. Currently, abortions are illegal after 24 weeks, except in cases of rape, fetal anomalies, or risks to the woman’s life. Women also must receive the permission of two doctors before undergoing an abortion.

In other words, the RCOG and other medical groups are pushing for the removal of all legal restrictions on abortion. In doing so, they are advocating for the repeal of Britain’s 1967 Abortion Act, saying that the decision to have an abortion should be a medical decision—not a criminal matter—between a woman and her doctor.

When this decision is made within the gestation period is, to them, not a matter of deep concern. Indeed, depending on how the law is interpreted, as legal experts and abortion opponents have noted, abortion could become legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy. If such a repeal were to pass Parliament, these horrific acts would become possible:

» Legalize the killing of a healthy and fully-formed baby in the womb the day before its birth.

» Make forced abortions easier to perform and more difficult to prosecute.

» Make sex-selection, a developing crisis in the UK, legal.

Only the 33 RCOG council members participated in this vote. As the article states, the general membership of the college was not consulted on this vital issue, nor was the public. However, a group of 650 British doctors immediately objected to RCOG President Regan’s position on the matter, writing that it essentially endorses infanticide since it supports aborting viable, late-term unborn babies for any reason. They continue:

We represent a variety of positions on the issue of abortion, but believe this motion is out of keeping with both our duties as responsible professionals and the expressed wishes of British women with regards to the legality and regulation of abortion.

Recent polls of the British public show that only 1% of British women support extending the period during which abortions are permitted. In addition, 70% of British women want the current limits for abortion to remain as they are, and 59% of them would like the limit lowered to 16 weeks or fewer. More than nine in ten want an explicit sex-selection ban.

Thankfully, these tragic standards have not been made into law; they are proposals. But it is horrific to contemplate that the leadership of these three medical organizations are pushing outright murder! They are expressing and promoting unthinkably callous, murderous standards. To them, human life in the image of God means nothing!

These leaders are descending into the debased standards of ancient Rome, under which the father had complete control over whether a newborn lived or died, and he suffered no fear of intervention by the authorities. The baby’s life meant nothing unless the father deemed it was worthy to live. Israel sank to the same basic standards when they sacrificed children to Molech (II Kings 17:17; II Chronicles 28:3; 33:6; Jeremiah 7:31; 32:35; etc.).

These attitudes are moving humanity yet another slimy step into the swamp. We agonize, “How much worse can it get?” But apparently, we have a way to go before we are completely sucked under.