Commentary: Unity and Chaos

Witnessing Movement Toward a Unity

Given 28-Sep-09; 9 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh suggests that the term "atone" connotes order, unity, and accord derived out of disorganization and chaos. In our nation, education is being used to make unity and harmony. In 1912, the United Stated government turned over the money supply to a private banking concern with dubious motives and character. Following on the heels of the Federal Reserve, liberal theologians, immersed in evolution, proceeded to deconstruct the truths of the Bible. The current administration is leading this nation into a horrendous global collectivism, destroying the sovereignty of all nations. These people in charge have global aspirations, with a world currency on the horizon. What the planners have in mind for the world is entirely evil, but God will end this fiasco bringing atonement and unity to the world.



The English word "atone" is a verb indicating an act or acts that produce order, unity, accord, agreement, harmony and concord out of disorder, confusion, disarray, muddle, turmoil, mess, anarchy, mayhem and chaos. "Atonement" is the noun form of "atone," indicating the result, product, process, or the state of the act of atoning.

I bring this up on this day because of what we are witnessing in this nation and this world. The aim of what we are witnessing is unity, of all things. What I'm referring to did not begin yesterday, a week, a month, a year, or a decade ago, but began in earnest, according to those who research into this sort of thing, at least a century ago. The power behind it is diabolical, to say the least. It involves, above all, education in churches and in schools aimed at bringing about the unity desired.

This education is in theology, sociology, economics and governments, and I believe that I have listed them in the order of their importance. This education must be accomplished in order that most of us think alike. This is because commonality is the foundation of unity. The more that we have in common, the higher the probability for the desired unity.

When this nation was founded, it began with the most solid, God-fearing biblical foundation of any nation this Earth has seen since the days of ancient Israel. It was not perfect, but it was good. It was very good. The Founders cobbled together a governing system that they admitted would only work as long as the population was God-fearing. Why would they say such a thing? Because the American Constitution offered its people the most, widest, broadest, and deepest personal liberties and choices ever given a free and independent people. Order and prosperity within the nation hinged on the population adhering to the character standards urged upon people—even a carnal people—by the Bible. If the people feared God and respected His word, this unity would be achieved.

Things went along reasonably well, even though the unity was not perfect. But in 1912, a major step was taken in which the government, the United States Government, gave virtually total control to a group of very wealthy bankers to form a privately held bank to print, control, manipulate the American money supply.

In another area of life—theology—changes were taking place that would lead to a severe waning of the people's fear of God and respect for His word. Very early on—about the turn of the century; about the the same time this other event took place—evolution began to be pushed quite hard in some areas.

I keep a twelve volume liberal commentary in my library, and it is the largest and most disgusting of my commentaries. It was first published in 1952, so at that time it contained the most advanced theological thinking coming from institutions such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton, all of which were begun by churches. It contains statements such as, "Moses was probably unable to write at the time of Israel's development." Recently, while doing research for a Feast sermon, I found a place where it states that Israel borrowed the Days of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost and Tabernacles from the Canaanites and adapted them to their own monotheistic system. This is in a Protestant commentary—1952—from major Protestant organizations.

Meanwhile, in American schools, God and godly principles were removed from the books, as were a huge multitude of truths concerning American history. God was finally pushed entirely out, and our children are given little or no instruction on their nation's background, so they have no sense of a tie with the past.

At this time, we are subject to the most radical administration of government in the history of this nation. It is racing at almost breathtaking speed to change America into a form that fits their vision. And that vision is almost totally disconnected from American history and its Constitution. To accomplish that vision, America's ties to the past had to be so weakened. Strong resistance would be virtually impossible because most people would know little and they do not care.

This administration is leading this nation into, at the very least, socialism. Socialism of is a form of government that history proves has never worked as well or as long as what we already presently have. But the administration does not care because their vision is bigger—much, much bigger. Their vision is global in scope. But in order to accomplish this, the sovereignty of individual free and independent nations has to be destroyed. And brethren, it is virtually destroyed in Europe. This is what is happening. It has already created a great deal of confusion here in the United States, and perhaps chaos is next in order.

I think you can comprehend that this is larger than merely the president and administration in Washington, D. C. These people have global unity in mind. This is why the American government we will give a grant, brethren, to build a factory in Sweden. We're having tough times; why not build it in the United please? The G7 has given way to the G8, and now at that recent meeting in Pittsburgh, the G8 has been scrapped and now it's the G20.

Do you see how the nation are being gathered in, and a new economic unity is forming to solve the world's economic woes? We are witnessing a modern global unity being created. It is creating consternation in its wake, and the Bible shows that what is being created is evil at its core. God's word clearly shows that He desires individual sovereign nations as best for His purposes, and thus chaos is being created by these people seeking global unity. But be assured, it will be followed by and atonement and peace.