Commentary: Why Liberals Love Illegals (Part One)

It's a Serious "Game" They "Play"

Given 05-Jun-10; 12 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh reports that President Obama has given an executive order ear-marking $20.3 million dollars for the immigration of Palestinians into America. The ruthless American-left has copied this underhanded procedure from Marx, Lenin, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire, utilizing a divide-and-conquer scheme of patronizing a minority in order to topple the majority, pretending to be saviors. The progressive, socialist collectivist left has manipulated the labor unions, Jews, Blacks, Mexican illegals, and Palestinians. The Democrats have also catered to the feminists, homosexuals, and other disgruntled agitators for the purpose of dividing and conquering the mainstream culture.



Did you hear that President Obama has approved the expenditure of $20.3 million for the purpose of providing for the immigration of untold thousands of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to the United States of America? The $20.3 million is not for immigration of all kinds of foreign nationals. The money is specifically and only for Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. The money provides transportation, food, housing and assistance money once they get here.

The Gaza Strip is the stronghold of Hamas, Israel's most persistent and violent enemy at this time. These were the people who were to receive the supplies blockaded by Israel in this most recent and potentially very dangerous flare up of hostilities. Gaza is a fountain of terrorists who not only have hatred for the Israelis, but also us. These people are being openly invited into this nation, and so far nobody has public any plans for making sure that no terrorists are included amongst those who are going to get a free pass here.

There are two things in this most recent thing that really angered me. The first of course is the $20.3 million and how it was allocated. This President bragged before the election that his was going to be the most transparent administration ever. In the scope of the way the U. S government spends money these days, $20.3 million is hardly more than a one second blip. But he did not have to ask Congress for it, and he most certainly did not ask the American people, whose tax money he is spending to invite these enemies in. He simply issued an executive order.

So to me, the money is really a rather minor affair. What I'm concerned about is what the money is going to be spent for, given this President's track record regarding the Muslim world when compared with his attitude regarding the illegals who are already here.

I'm going to give you a brief overview of something that I learned just in these past couple of weeks about the American Left. In my political naivete, I was unaware that's such a thing was going on in American politics to the extent that it has been practiced for well over a hundred years. I've always understood (it seems like always, anyway) that the Left plays dirty. Politics is war, and they play it seriously. But I did not realize that this is so well documented, organized and relentlessly pursued, using every psychological persuasion they can dream up to achieve their political objective. The objective is governmental power through getting elected.

Believe it or not, the system was copied from the Muslim world, a program that apparently began in the Ottoman Empire—this is a long time ago—whose sultans used it to retain control in their nations. Since then, other rulers, especially in dictator states like Germany and Russia, have very successfully used it. Believe it or not, it even has a name. It's called "millets." I do not know whether that word came out of the Muslim world or not, but that's the name that is used. I have no idea where that came from, but in American politics, it's nothing more than a psychological divide-and-conquer operation that makes very heavy use of cooperation from the media.

Its modern adaptations were organized first in Russia. Marx, Lenin and company used it extensively. Then it was copied in Germany by Adolf Hitler, and he did an even better job than they did. It takes advantage of a social reality. There is always a natural suspicion and antipathy between ethnic groups and socioeconomic groups. The key that makes it work is to find ways through the communication of concepts to keep groups within a culture fighting each other. And if they are fighting each other, they are not banding together in order to fight the government.

The basic strategy of those using this method is to pay very special and favorable attention and preference to one group, while ignoring, mistreating and denigrating others. And this is very, very important: The group or groups receiving the favorable attention are always, always, always a minority—and the more sizable, the better. The object is to emphasize the minority's gripes while they present themselves as their saviors. It's a simple plan, and it works.

In the last 100 years of American politics, the very first sizable minority that they vigorously played this game with was the Jews, and they were incredibly successful. So loyal are the Jews so the Democratic Party that even though their average income is considerably higher than the American average and seemingly have the most to lose through Democratic taxing policies, the Democrats receive almost that entire block of votes.

The next group they worked on, even though they were already working on the Jews, was the labor unions. And again, they have been very successful, though in recent elections it appears they are losing their grip on them somewhat. The union members are beginning to get wise that they are being used.

With the next minority, they have been most successful of all. They went after the African American minority and really, effectively sold themselves as their social saviors. And in this most recent presidential election, African American voting was as high as 92% for the Democrats. Now they are presenting themselves as the saviors of the Mexican illegals, and latest of all, the Palestinians, who they are going to wed politically with the Mexican illegals.

The object, brethren, is political power. In the 2008 election, they hit the jackpot from the voting of this coalition of minority voting blocs. Now the entire country is being manipulated into a position to pay for it.

There are other, smaller minorities: the feminists, the homosexual civil-marriage group, and the environmentalists. But did you ever notice that they all vote as a block for the Democrats, who are pushing the right psychological buttons everywhere they go? The Democrats have really played their political cards successfully.

I just found out this week—this is how successful it is. California has essentially declared war. It's a war of words right now against Arizona. Do you know that California already has in place an immigration law that is almost identical to Arizona's and the United States' federal law as well? But the heat of the emotion has been turned against these people because they have accepted this psychological duping. And so they are moved emotionally.

Let me put this at the end. Have you noticed how illogical major decisions are that are being made today, especially by the Feds? I'm sure you have. The subject of this commentary feeds into the decision making process, but I'm going to save that for another commentary.