Commentary: How Was It Accomplished So Easily? (Part One)

We Are Falling Into Socialism

Given 07-Dec-13; 15 minutes

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"We will bury you" was a challenging statement made by Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev that seems to be coming eerily true. Khrushchev clarified this statement, suggesting that the working class of America would turn to communism as their savior. Apparently, this has already taken place, as is witnessed by Americans desiring to enslave themselves to the government in return for security. America has been surrounded by socialistic and communist countries; they own our debt. We are in hoc to them up to our eyeballs, and we are blind to the consequences of our self-centered, gullible behavior. The communists preached victimization and relativism to us; the major political party in America has picked up this victimization theme, and has crammed socialism down the throats of the entire citizenry. Socialist collectivist countries (Communist Russia/Nazi Germany) also embrace the final solution of the holocaust and concentration camps, disposing of the "undesirables."



"We will bury you" was a challenging statement made by Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev. He first made that statement at the Polish Embassy in Moscow on November the 18th, 1956, while he was addressing Western ambassadors at a reception. It really irritated the Westerners because he was so boastful in what he said.

He said it again in a meeting with journalists in the United States in September of 1959, and then again he said it in Yugoslavia on August the 24th, 1963. But in this case, he clarified the statement. He was not the first one to use this saying because apparently Russian farmers have a saying somewhat akin to it. I think it clear that he tried to make a very important point—it was very important to him.

In Yugoslavia, he clarified it for Western listeners by saying, "I once said, 'We will bury you,' and I got into trouble with it. Of course, we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you."

That clarification is similar to a statement that appears in the Communist manifesto, which says, "What the bourgeoisie [that is, the middle class] produces above all are its own grave diggers. It's fall, and the victory of the proletariat [the poorest class of working people] are equally inevitable." To Khrushchev, this occasion was a sure as the sun coming up.

In retrospect, he did not mean only that the United States would be overcome by communism. He meant the entire Western world because he saw all of it as his enemy. It seemed at the time, to me, little more than bombastic bragging, and this was because I saw it as an American that even though Russia by this time already possessed (this is 1963) already possessed atomic and hydrogen weapons, and also had already beaten the United States into space with Sputnik 1. But the overall power of the two nations was hardly comparable. I felt that the USA was so far beyond Russia that's something as fantastic as their "burying" us by means of their power was inconceivable. I was not looking at their progress and our decline rightly, though.

What I have learned in the meantime, though, is that it is possible that what he was saying might have been uttered under the inspiration of a demon who knew a great deal more about the reality of what was already going on in both Russia and the United States, and therefore what the future of this nation held.

Now, 50 years later, if things continue within the United States as they have already been for decades—many decades—what he boasted is virtually accomplished. We aren't quite ready yet to be buried, but we are virtually conquered, and they have managed to do it almost exactly as they planned, and it is being accomplished virtually without a shot being fired in a military war by them.

I was among those who did not know in the 1960s that their covert operations against us had already been underway for decades already, and they have continued unabated right down to this very moment. In fact, the intensity is increasing and it seems now on an almost daily basis.

There were some Americans back then who did have a fairly good, clear grasp of much of the battle, but their warnings not only went unheeded, they were—for all intents and purposes—laughed into scorn by people deriding them with jeers that it could never happen here. It has happened here

No less a person than Joseph Stalin stated in his writings before he died in the early 1950s that he did not believe that Russia could defeat America in a military war as things stood then. But he and others with him planned that they would defeat us through subversion from within. Their objectives were to infiltrate and subvert our religious organizations, our educational systems, the media, political parties, and non-profit foundations, until the people's orientation and perspective on life becomes socialistic and we turn to communism of our own accord as our savior.

The plan was, and it still is, to invade our hearts and minds. And they have succeeded in capturing the minds of most Americans because Americans no longer know what liberty is and what liberty requires in order to be maintained. Many Americans are already slaves of the government.

The very highest need Americans must understand is what liberty is, where it comes from, and what is required by the citizen. What is required to be given by each and every person is the acknowledgement that God is, and that we must obey Him regardless of our personal desires. Most Americans met that requirement fairly well for the first 150-160 years of this nation's history. The last 75 years have been increasingly destructive internally. America has become virtually encircled politically, economically, geographically, either by outright communist nations or, if not outright Communistic, so socialisticly-oriented as to be virtually Communistic. Look at a map. Virtually all of Latin America is communist, and you know that is true. That's our southern border. Virtually all who trade with us fit this political persuasion. They own our debt, and we are in hock to them right up to our eyeballs and dance to their tune. And as a people, as a nation, we have grown so self-concerned, we are blind toe what is happening to us as a nation.

Europe and Canada are part of those who encircle us. How did they all do this? It's not so much what they did to us; it is more realistically and truthfully what we allowed them to do. Listen carefully. Brethren, our enemies, using the socialistic, Communistic systems, understand human nature far better than we do. You see, our enemies are spiritual, and they took advantage of our self-centered, almost insatiable, greed and our very easy willingness to envy others, thinking we aren't getting enough given to us, and that our lot in life is unfair. And so what did the Communists do? They preached victimization to us. Everybody's a victim today, usually of some corporation.

Brethren, that focuses on the self. They preached relativism to us—that God doesn't exist and that there are no moral absolutes, and that gives every person the right to decide for himself what is moral and what is not. And each person thus becomes God, setting the moral standards for his own life. This is the very thing that Satan sold to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Do you think that as a nation that we haven't abandoned God? Well, let me ask you something, because I want to show you at least just a little bit this time what socialism becomes. Are you aware that before Adolf Hitler and the Nazis took over governing Germany that that nation was known as a strong Christian nation? Do you know what the word "Nazi" stands for? It stands for national socialism. There is not an eyelash's difference between Russian communism and Nazism. There was a little difference in terms of thrust because that variety of socialism, Nazism, focused at first only upon governing Germany.

Today, when you think of Nazism, do not you almost immediately think of the Holocaust, too? How many people did the Socialist government of Germany kill in their ovens? Six million Jews just slaughtered. That's what Socialist governments do to you, to their own people. But it did not stop there because once the national Socialists got going, they drew other nations into their concepts. And that government ended up killing another 40 million people, directly or indirectly, of their own citizens, besides the six million that went into the ovens. Germany lost another six million of their people by means of warfare.

And besides that, how many did France lose? Britain, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Spain, North Africa, Italy, America, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia? Do you know how many Russia lost in the Second World War? Twenty million that these national Socialists killed in the war. Most of those people died in the Ukraine. Then, in addition, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium—all those nations lost people because of what socialism produces. There is something catastrophically wrong and evil about socialism, and brethren, the next time I'm going to show you how close we already are.