Commentary: Housing and Property Redistribution


Given 19-Jun-21; 12 minutes

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The United Nations Agenda 21 plan recommends the eventual confiscation of private property in order to allegedly place the world's population under a more equitable economic and social system through government sponsored and implemented policies of wealth and resource redistribution. This plan is totally at variance with God's purpose for mankind (Micah 4:4). Financial investment conglomerates, such as Vanguard and Blackrock, the top owners of four of the six largest media companies, are promoting and exploiting this plan for their profit. These investment corporations are gobbling up private property, displacing private homebuyers so that, ultimately, the rank-and-file populations of the world will be living in government projects. The emerging Satanic global order has plans for the world's finance and agriculture systems that will permanently harm the welfare of mankind until such time as Christ mercifully intervenes to serve as the righteous King of kings and Lord of lords, implementing God's plan of salvation for all.



The United Nations Agenda 21 plan, “The Earth Summit Strategy," with regard to private property, asserts:

Land cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market.

Private Land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore it contributes to social injustice. Private land use decisions are often driven by strong economic incentives that result in several ecological consequences… The key to overcoming it is through public policy [i.e., pressure].

Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air-conditioning, and suburban housing, are not sustainable.

We need a new collaborative decision process that leads to better decisions, more rapid change, and more sensible use of human, natural, and financial resources in achieving our goals.

Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.

Globalists continue to curb private ownership and simultaneously take over both land and critical business sectors (utilities, communications, transportation, and so on). The trends in our own society are moving away from private property, and the government is increasing regulations concerning what we are allowed to do with our own property.

Just two powerful multinational asset management firms own the media and all the pandemic panic messages you read and hear about. They own all mainstream media, thus controlling all the fake news, including the CDC’s propaganda. The two globalist firms, Vanguard and BlackRock, own the entire mass media and Big Pharma complex. These are the two powers that control any, and all, mainstream news. They also have control of verifying whether it is true, honest, or real. They answer to nobody.

Vanguard and BlackRock are the top owners of four of the six largest media companies that control 90% percent of the mass messaging on TV, in newspapers, across all social media platforms, and they run all the major “news” and COVID-19 websites you find when you Google or go to YouTube for information. These czars own 1600 American firms worth $9 trillion, and they are the ones falsely informing everyone about the safety and efficacy of the deadly experimental COVID-19 vaccine mRNA gene therapy.

The Wall Street Journal wrote earlier this year that “yield-chasing investors are snapping up single-family houses” and “competing with ordinary Americans.” Marketplace reported the same, noting one first-time homebuyer had been outbid six times by all-cash offers from investment management firms.

BlackRock is being blamed for buying every single-family house they can find and outbidding normal home buyers. Prices are expected to continue to rise for the foreseeable future. That has spurred the existence of the “built to rent” market. Instead of simply buying up existing homes, institutional investors are building them so that they can rent them out directly, not even bothering to sell them. Even if institutional investors are competing with homeowners for existing homes, that does not mean they are just taking a home off the market. It simply means they are converting it to a rental property. It is a trend here in the United States.

According to a June 12, 2021 article on ZeroHedge by "Tyler Durden,"

The real estate market continues to break records; however, everyone is not benefiting from it.

A cabal of organized investors has been greedily buying up tens of thousands of properties as middle-American renters watch their dreams of home ownership fade….

"You now have permanent capital competing with a young couple trying to buy a house," according to real estate consultant John Burns, whose firm estimates that in many of the country's hottest markets, roughly 20% of homes sold are bought by someone who never moves in.

"That’s going to make U.S. housing permanently more expensive," said Burns, who thinks home prices will climb as much as 12% this year, on top of last year's 11% rise.

Burns counted more than 200 companies and investment firms in the house hunt: computer-assisted flipper Open-door Technologies Inc., money managers including J.P. Morgan Asset Management and BlackRock Inc., and others.

Builder LGI Homes Inc. reports wholesale home sales to bulk buyers in its quarterly results.

In one example, a bidding war broke out over a D.R. Horton complex in Conroe, Texas—after the homebuilder put the entire subdivision up for sale.

After a "Who's Who of investors and rental-home firms flocked to the December sale," the winning bid of $32 million came from an online property-investment company, Fundraise LLC, which manages over $1 billion for around 150,000 individuals, according to the Wall Street Journal.

D.R. Horton ended up booking roughly twice what it typically makes selling houses to middle-class homebuyers according to the report….

So, instead of selling those home individually to homebuyers, where they would have made a certain amount of money, by selling them all at one time to this conglomerate, they ended up making twice the money. That alone is increasing housing prices, in addition to other things.

What does this mean for the average American family?

The investor interest poses a challenge for Millennials and other first-time buyers who are increasingly looking to buy starter homes and are forced to compete with deep-pocketed cash buyers from investment firms and multinational asset management firms.

This is wealth redistribution. BlackRock and other institutional investors are buying entire neighborhoods at huge premiums. Sadly, the ever-weakening right to property in this nation is another rejection of God’s government that exposes just how far America has drifted from God and biblical principles.

The overwhelming perspective of the Bible supports private property rights. Property rights began in the beginning, right at the foundation of the world. Humanity, beginning with Adam and Eve, received the authority to have dominion over the earth. God believes in ownership!

Psalm 50:12 informs us of God’s firm stance: "For the world is Mine, and all its fullness."

God owns the earth and all its fullness, but in His kindness and under His government, He lets us have a plot of land to organize and take care of. This plot of land allows a family to provide for itself. If the family has a piece of land, they can grow their own food and sell the abundance. This encourages a sense of land ownership. It provides an opportunity to have long-term peace and security. But for this to work, each person must be satisfied with what God has given him and not covet his neighbor’s property. The world, however, is driven by covetousness.

Deuteronomy 19:14 "You shall not remove your neighbor's landmark, which the men of old have set, in your inheritance which you will inherit in the land…."

This society ignores this command, and has for thousands of years. God later promises terrible retribution on Judah for doing this:

Hosea 5:10 "The princes of Judah are like those who remove a landmark; I will pour out My wrath on them like water."

In Leviticus 25, God lays out instructions about the Land Sabbath and the Jubilee Year, then it goes into the redemption of property. In verse 23, God states,

Leviticus 25:23 "The land shall not be sold permanently, for the land is Mine; for you are strangers and sojourners with Me.”

God intended that the land remain in the family, to be handed down through the generations. If poverty struck, an Israelite could sell the land, but then again it could be redeemed by a relative or released back to the family in the Year of Jubilee.

In the Millennium, God makes everyone’s land secure. This means that property rights will be unchangeable and unbreakable. The bases for these property rights are made clear in the laws in God’s inspired written word, primarily in the first five books of the Bible. Those laws will be re-established and carefully maintained, including the redemption of property in the Year of Jubilee. At that time, things will revert to the original owners. God will bring His people back to their own land, to restore it to be like the Garden of Eden in peace and prosperity. Micah 4:4 tells us that every man will sit under his privately owned vine and fig tree.

In doing it right, the people of that day will be able to see a tremendous difference between God's way of life and their own human ways off the past that did not produce good things. The right use of the land and the right understanding of property will teach people great lessons about their relationship between themselves and God. They will look at property, at land, and at the fruitful and abundant things and understand the good that God’s way produces.

Because we have God’s Spirit, we have the ability to understand the difference between God’s way of property rights and the world’s lack of property rights. God wants us to learn wonderful lessons concerning stewardship, obligation, and authority so that we can be more like Him. Eventually we will be exercising great responsibility in this area in His Kingdom. We should take heart, and notice these things that are happening on the world and compare them to the way God's government will be treating people in the Millennium.


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