Commentary: How Was It Accomplished So Easily? (Part Two)


Given 14-Dec-13; 16 minutes

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Only God's protection guarantees against slavery and loss of liberty. For the past century, the systems of National Socialism and international communism (under the invisible control of Satan) have been corroding free republics. Academia and Progressive secularists (led by the likes of FDR and other 'progressive' collectivist statists) began preparing Western nations for collectivism using doublespeak and misinformation to advance their evil political goals. Like the gullible German public in the time of Hitler is the equally gullible American electorate, totally oblivious to the sinister danger which will soon befall them.



This is part two of the commentary that I began last week and which I titled, "How Was It Accomplished So Easily?" The "it" in here is the vast cultural change that has taken place in the last a number of years, and with it, of course, the introduction of the kind of government that we have at this present time.

I ended last week's commentary by giving you a brief overview of how many lost their lives in the madness that we call World War Two that was initiated by means of the prideful insanity of the national Socialists of Germany, led by Adolf Hitler. This particular commentary will be used as a bridge into the commentary that I intend to give the next time. There are a few things here that I feel that we need to understand as we begin this one.

Today I want to I want us to grasp the larger scope of what I see has gone on in this nation to prepare it for Christ's return. The first is this: I want us to understand that what I am giving you a brief overview of has literally taken generations of time to bring us to this precarious state that we are now in. The second thing is this: I am focusing on those that I see manipulating things in the world. I said in last week's commentary that this nation's real enemies are spiritual, and that they use nations like the Russians and others as instruments of subversion to destroy us spiritually, morally, politically, and economically. Those living in the entire Western world are the primary targets of these invisible enemies.

Number three is very important: Jesus plainly stated that truth makes us free. Paul stated that we are to stand fast in the liberty by which Christ has made us free. The people of the Western world have almost completely lost belief in, and understanding of, the truth that the ultimate liberty is given and preserved only by God. But the called of God must never allow themselves to forget this truth. Did you get that line? The called of God must never allow themselves to forget this truth that the ultimate in liberty is given by God.

Remember that Satan, who was mentioned in the sermonette ["Walking in the Spirit"], complained of the hedge of protection with which God surrounded Job. This is our saving grace—because God is removing it from the Western world.

Last week, I used Nazism as the historical backdrop in that commentary. Now, what about the Russian and Chinese brand of socialism? They make no bones about it, that they are part of international communism, and their goal is to impress Communistic socialism on the entire world. The only difference between Nazism and communism was the original goal of Nazism. Nazism was limited to Germany, but Nazism was communism. They are one and the same, just different terms.

Khrushchev did not mean literally "bury us under dirt," but rather that international communism would overwhelmingly smother Western democratic capitalism in importance as the governmental system of nations. He envisioned that the citizens of the nations themselves would be persuaded to rise up, and through their internal pressures, force international socialism on nation after nation until the entire world is governed by communist concepts.

By this, I am not implying that Western democratic capitalism is the God-ordained form of government for mankind. But history clearly shows it is far superior toward producing a liberating quality of life and prosperity for more people than any other form of government mankind has devised.

Contrariwise, history also shows that international communism has never worked over extended periods of time. It invariably evolves into a harsh dictatorship, clearly enslaving its citizenry, and by comparison to capitalism, produces a low standard of living and provides prosperity to very few.

Back to the United States in thought: Individual steps toward international communism were taken in this nation very early in the 20th century. However, the more rapid slide toward choosing this socialistic form of government began during the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He reigned during the Depression and World War Two, and by the time that we emerged from World War Two, there were numerous Communists already holding offices in high places in the United States. They got into those offices, not by being elected to them, but by the public electing others who then appointed these socialist communists into the offices that they held through most of the thirties, forties and fifties, and it kept increasing in number as the decades went by.

Their being in those positions of authority led to many high governmental investigations, the most famous of which were conducted by Senator Joseph McCarthy. He, of course, was ridiculed and laughed to scorn, usually by academia and the media, but history has proved him correct. Most of those accused were indeed subverting communists, hidden from public scrutiny within our system, just like a cancer that was slowly growing. These people methodically sold America down the river so that we won the war, but we very badly lost the peace as communism increased worldwide and democracy decreased.

Many of those people fled from America and Britain to escape prosecution, but we did not get them all and the covert operations continued virtually unhindered through the arts of various means of persuasion, often consisting of financial payoffs to disgruntled Americans who felt victimized by the American system.

Where did these covert operations have their greatest success in reeducating the American people? Well, it was in the universities most of all, then after that—believe it or not—the churches, fraternal organizations, amongst government workers, nonprofit organizations, and labor unions. They had much success in universities and churches because the people the infiltrators tended to seek out were those easily persuaded toward this much-distorted idealism of Communist "equality" and were sincere, do-gooder types of people.

Much of the distortion focused on capitalism being unfair. The distorting infiltrators used terminology similar to, and in some cases exactly the same as, Democratic Republic terminology, but they meant something far different than the spin that we normally put on these terms. For example, "Democratic" does not mean the same thing to a communist as it does to an American.

Some people began to catch on to the methods the infiltrators were using and began warning others of them. They titled the Communist lingo as "double speak." You've probably heard that term, but that's where it originated. "Double speak" is the use of a language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or even totally reverses the meaning of words. In George Orwell's book, 1984, he used the term "double think." In his book, the intention ff the term "double think" was to get a person thinking one way while the speaker meant something entirely different.

Wikipedia clearly states that doublespeak, according to Orwell (they are quoting him) is "the deliberate distortion of language for political purposes." That's what it originated for. Socialists have very successfully used this tool, and there are clear reasons why it has been successful.

I am currently reading a book titled Defeating the Totalitarian Lie. Catch the word in there: "lie." Note that word. I'm going to refer to this probably next week, too. It was written by Hilmar von Campe. He's German born. He was eight when Hitler came to power. He served in the Brown Shirts and the German army. He experienced Nazism from the inside out, and he has coldly analyzed it and what made it work. Listen carefully and you'll begin to see shadows of this operating in the United States.

What I'm going to give you here is an oversimplification, but nonetheless it was effective. He expands on it a great deal more in the book. Number one, the Nazis—and most importantly, Hitler, because of his position in the nation—constantly lied. That's important. You see the methods of Satan the devil. But looking at it in retrospect, as he is, he can see now that almost everything that came out of their mouths was a lie. But, he said, what it created within Germany was major confusion and distrust within the minds of the people because they did not know what to think. Nothing made clear sense anymore to them.

Number Two is that the German people, he says, were far too accepting and uncritical. They challenged almost nothing that the Nazis did. This only partially accounts as to why nothing was challenged because Number Three is very important: Hitler and his companion Nazis, as they continually lied, gradually also became increasingly harsh, even vicious, towards their fellow Germans, making them afraid to react. It was obey, or else. It was either prison, the ovens, or whatever.

I think that, seeing the time, I will stop there and I will pick this up. We will continue to show you how this has happened in the United States, and you are beginning to see elements of it already occurring. They have been very successful and I'll tell you what their aim was.