Biblestudy: The Manifold Grace of God


Given 12-Feb-11; 61 minutes

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Mercy and graciousness are attributes belonging to God Almighty, who granted ancient Israel unmerited pardon and favor, taking them out of slavery and giving them the Promised Land. Grace is derived from the Greek word charis, denoting a gift which brings favor and joy. Because we all have sinned and have earned the death penalty, we can only attain salvation by grace through faith. God's calling us is just our initial taste of His grace. We have an obligation to respond to Him, yielding to the sanctifying process. Grace is unmerited, but it is not unconditional. God requires repentance, baptism, and growing in grace through overcoming and developing character by using the power of His Holy Spirit in order to confirm the process. God expresses His love to us, calls us, pronounces us justified, offers us salvation (gift of eternal life), and allows us to enjoy a relationship with Him. God offered Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ offered Himself, as a sacrifice for all man's sins. God forgives us, and gives us mercy in times of need; not only does He give us what we need, but enough to share with others. Jesus Christ came in the role of a servant so we could receive a Savior. God gives us consolation and hope, and He grants spiritual gifts for the benefit of those in His Church through His grace. We must be responsible as managers of God's gifts.



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