Sermonette: Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part Two)

A Way of Life From God

Given 20-Feb-21; 19 minutes

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Mark Schindler reminds God's people how much of a privilege is His calling into the Body of Christ, His blessing of unmerited pardon which brings with it the priceless opportunity to grow into the stature of Jesus Christ. Every one of the Children of Light must constantly be on his guard to use this opportunity with humility rather than with the prideful, "better than thou" attitude displayed by the Pharisee who exalted himself over the tax collector. Rather than considering God's calling a badge of righteousness, the child of God must consider it to be just what its name implies, a call to action, motivating him to obey God's law in letter and spirit, in doing so, cooperating with Him as He implements the lifelong process of sanctification. Grace is not a passive way to God; it is an active path to experiencing the same quality of life God enjoys. Jude warns God's people that evil teachers will try to turn the grace of God into licentiousness and permissiveness, promulgating the errant "once saved always saved" outlook on life which corrodes commitment to obeying God's commands. God's called-out ones have the responsibility of mortifying the flesh and cultivating God's Spirit (Romans 8:13) throughout the entirety of their sanctifying process, until God finally glorifies them as co-heirs with Jesus Christ.