Sermon: He Lives, We Live

We Are Saved By His Life

Given 26-Apr-19; 73 minutes

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The Last Day of Unleavened Bread is the anniversary of the crossing of the Red Sea by the Children of Israel. In the symbology, Pharaoh typifies the angry tyrant—Satan the Devil—who attempts to trap God's people in the go-nowhere affairs of this life. Thankfully, as He made a way of escape for our ancestors, so Christ, through His sacrifice and resurrection, has made a way for us to escape death, the inexorable consequence of our sins (Romans 6:23). Redemption is useless to mortal beings without God's gift of eternal life (I Corinthians 15:19), which God made possible through Christ's resurrection. The Israelites' trek below the watery walls of the Red Sea typifies the baptism undergone by current called-out ones in the Israel of God. Paul warns us to avoid the missteps of the ancient Israelites and to walk in the Spirit rather than in the flesh. The Law God gave ancient Israel is the same Law His called-out ones are to obey. However, Our Savior, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, has empowered us to obey that Law in its letter and spirit, having written it on our hearts. In our struggle toward sanctification, we are able to tap into the unlimited power God gave to the resurrected Christ (Matthew 28:18). As High Priest, Christ is, tailoring the trials, tests, and experiences of His called-out ones to ensure their sanctification and ultimate glorification. As typified by the Festival of Unleavened Bread, let us continue to ingest Christ, the Bread of Life (John 10).



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