Sermon: Using God's Given Authority

Within the Pillars of Wisdom

Given 30-Nov-19; 74 minutes

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Just as Nebuchadnezzar ultimately acknowledged God as the highest authority in the affairs of mankind (Daniel 4), Ronald Reagan diligently sought God's guidance during his Presidency. The President's diary acknowledges God's firm direction of his life. Christ, on the night of His death, petitioned the Father to not only glorify Himself, but His disciples then and now (John 17). God has gifted all His called-out ones, expecting them to use those gifts for the edification of the Body of Christ. As Nebuchadnezzar and Ronald Reagan learned that one cannot govern without wisdom from above, God's called-out ones must learn that they cannot properly exercise their spiritual gifts without the wisdom constructed on the Seven Pillars of Wisdom (Proverbs 9:1) as enumerated by Christ at James 3:17: (1.) purity, (2.) peace-loving, (3.) courtesy, (4.) willingness to submit, (5.) fullness of compassion, (6.) disinterested impartiality and (7.) lack of hypocrisy. On these solid pillars of Godly wisdom, we successfully exercise the spiritual gifts which God has mandated that we use on behalf of the Body of Christ.



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