Sermon: Liberty and Justice for All


Given 04-Jul-20; 65 minutes

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God made America exceptional, geopolitically blessing her above all lands, bestowing on her vast natural resources—for which we are all too often unthankful. The founders, though imperfect, understood that God alone conferred rights on people, rights which they enshrined and protected in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Satanically-inspired secular humanists are attempting to disregard these same rights, making Jacob's offspring subject to the degenerate standards of the gentile, pagan world. Currently, some sectors of the American judiciary system have declared war on faith-based organizations. Christ warned His disciples that unbelievers would hate them as intensely as they hated Him. God repeatedly freed the children of Jacob, only to witness their breaking His covenant with them, thereby begging to be re-enslaved. Similarly, God has freed His called-out ones, the Israel of God, from the bondage of sin, the breaking of His law. Yet, antinomian, mainstream 'Christianity' in essence advocates the breaking of that law, preferring the slavery to sin over slavery to Christ. The ultimate consequence of a nation's sin is her physical bondage. Liberty comes only from obeying God and accepting the yoke of Jesus Christ. Slavery to Christ is restful and beneficial.



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