Sermon: The Beginning of Sorrows


Given 18-Jul-20; 35 minutes

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The period the Scriptures call "the last days" began with Christ's resurrection, when Satan was formally deposed as ruler of earth. Looking at time as God does, considering a thousand years as but a day, God's people understand that they are approaching the end of the second day since Christ's passion. God made His kingdom available at that time. Since that time, Satan, knowing he is doomed and his time short, has waxed increasingly wrathful. In John 12:31, Jesus reveals that the world's judgment would commence when He had expelled its ruler. That expulsion occurred with Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. The Olivet Prophecy forecasts a time of increasing deception, famines, pestilence, racial unrest and disorder. Today, world history is at the juncture of "the beginning of sorrows," a period analogous to labor pains, which come with increasing rapidity and intensity, not stopping until the baby is born. Since God's people are living in the last days, they must be developing a firm relationship with God, remembering that the most repeated phrase in the Bible (appearing 400 times) is "be not afraid" (or similar). God's people should continually be ready, but live, while living, but being continually ready.



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