Sermon: Discerning Signs and Redeeming Time


Given 16-May-20; 67 minutes

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Because of the coronavirus crisis, millions of people, believing these are the last days, are turning or returning to God, suggesting a silver lining in this current crisis. Sadly, those who profess to believe in Christ have been oblivious to the signs of the times, asleep like the Ten Virgins of Matthew 25 or the Pharisees who asked for a sign, but ignored the ones God had already shown them (Matthew 16). The apostle Paul warns that time is short; the world's system is passing away. It is now time to wake out of sleep. Our tenure in this physical life, even if we live to be 100, is short; God counsels the children of light to redeem the time, realizing that judgment is now on them. God's people have an obligation to awaken out of their complacency, realizing that their allotted time for repenting and overcoming is drawing to its close. The children of light should want to wake up, realizing that: 1.) salvation is closer now than it was at the time of their calling, 2.) those who sleep cannot fulfill their God-ordained work obligations and 3.) the enemies of God work unstrained while His soldiers slumber. The cost of slumber is great: God rejected the five foolish virgins, the man who buried his talent and the goats, all mentioned in Matthew 25. The reward of salvation is well worth the watch.



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