Sermon: It is Done! The Perfect Peace of God


Given 08-Aug-20; 67 minutes

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We need to get in sync with God's plan to replace war with eternal peace. The "love chapter" (I Corinthians 13) contains a list of behaviors which describe the keeping of God's law (I John 5:1), the only viable plan to bring perfect peace. Christ profoundly connects the keeping of God's law with bearing spiritual fruit at John 15:8-17. The theme of the Book of Leviticus is developing holiness with the objective of self-government and yielding to God's purpose of recreating Himself. Jesus Christ is the end, standard, or goal of godly character for which His people must strive. Our Captain, Archegos, and Forerunner, Jesus Christ has provided the example of ultimate love—sacrifice. Accompanying the Peace Offering was a burnt offering and a meal offering (Leviticus 7:13). In the peace offering, Christ is the priest, offeror, and offering. Since all parties share the Peace Offering as a meal, it exemplifies a peaceful communion. Sacrifice is the core of the burnt offering, signifying concern for God; the meal offering signifies concern for man. God's called-out ones must keep their focus on the Kingdom of God, diligently seeking peace with God, their spiritual siblings, and the rest of mankind (Psalm 34:14), fulfilling the Great Commandments—loving God and loving mankind, looking forward to the New Heavens and New Earth when all creation will be at peace.



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