Sermon: Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Ten): Cultivating the Fruit of Self Control

Re-orienting the heart's desires through yielding to God's Holy Spirit

Given 13-Mar-21; 68 minutes

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David Maas, focusing on God's wistful lament in Deuteronomy 5:29, "if only they had such a heart in them to keep My Commandments," observes that, through a kind of "heart transplant" described in Hebrews 8:10 (compare Jeremiah 31:33), introducing a new, better Covenant, God has promised that He would imprint His laws on the minds of His called-out ones. This effect of this "change of heart" is the re-orientation of their minds from carnal to spiritual. Psalm 37:4 teaches God's people that, if they would delight themselves in the Lord, He would give them the desires of their hearts. It is impossible to cultivate self-control unless one, enabled by God's Holy Spirit, reprograms the desires of the heart from self-centered and self -destructive carnal nature to the life-sustaining forces of God's Spirit, causing a realization that only in God's presence is fullness and joy with pleasures forevermore. As in the case of Abraham, God initially justifies His people through their faith in Christ. Thereafter, He puts each of His children through a rigorous sanctification process until He has perfected them. Perfection does not instantaneously materialize, because it perforce requires the continual, Spirit-enabled overcoming of carnality to incrementally grow in spiritual strength, thereby eventually achieving the stature of our Forerunner, Jesus Christ.



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