Sermon: Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part One): To the Beaten


Given 06-Feb-21; 37 minutes

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God's people, having experienced the privilege of His calling, may fall into the trap of forgetting the sinful past from which God rescued them and come to look disdainfully on those not yet called, reacting to them like the Pharisee who looked down on the Publican (Luke 18:9-14). Both the Pharisee and Publican were sinners, but the Pharisee's sins were less evident to himself and others, while the Publican did not delude himself about the heinous nature of his own sins, to which he responded with genuine repentance. God forgave the tax collector, while the self-righteous Pharisee remained condemned in his sins. God forgives those who humbly tremble at His Word (Isaiah 66:2). God's people should adopt the attitude of the beaten Publican, regardless of the privileges they have received from God. They should model their attitude toward those uncalled on God's Own trait of patient longsuffering. Because of the God-given privilege God's people enjoy, they have greater accountability to remain humble, not comparing themselves with others, either in or out of the Church, but instead to put on the Mind of Christ, made available through God's Holy Spirit.



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