Biblestudy: Self-Government

What Does it Produce?

Given 26-Jan-13; 71 minutes

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Submitting to a human government is a work which requires self-control, self-discipline, and self-government. The apostle Paul thoroughly disciplined his body as he followed the example of Jesus Christ. Sadly, many in our country cannot govern themselves, but follow godless humanists who aspire to kick God out of the schools and the courts, promoting abortion, same-sex marriage, homosexuality, sodomy, lesbianism, and masculizing women while effeminizing (or metaphorically castrating) men. The humanist progressive leftists have no fear of God, morphing themselves into blatant fools (Psalm 14:1-3). Sadly, we have a foolish, ignorant citizenry lacking even a clue as to the horrific, disastrous, moral demise in which they placed this country. The secular progressives, at Satan's behest, destroyed the reputation of the Founding Fathers, distorting history. By contrast, to those who have placed themselves under God's rule, everything matters. Information has increased exponentially, creating a hopeless running to and fro. In this context, we must take care of God's business in our lives. It will take superhuman effort to endure to the end. Our fellow Israelites have been snookered by secular progressivism and will undoubtedly be discouraged and dispirited by the zeitgeist of rebellion fostered by the secularists under Satan's sway. Following the example of Abraham and Moses, we must, as we are called by God, go against the stream of popular, God-rejecting culture, focusing on the vision of God's Kingdom and God's perfect standards. Thankfully, God gives us an antidote to spiritual blindness and deafness. When we have God's truth, we are set free from the bondage of lies with a new world view, a view the ungodly do not yet have.



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