Feast: The Handwriting Is on the Wall (2021)


Given 20-Sep-21; 55 minutes

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When comparing the judgment and death sentence against Belshazzar in Daniel 5 to the handwriting that God erased (the record of our debt) by Christ's sacrifice, having been nailed to the cross (Colossians 2:14), God's people must rejoice that Christ has already defeated Satan, and has invited them to reject the world's evil Satanic system and follow Him exclusively. Only God's saints have been blessed with a knowledge of the plan outlined by His Holy Days. When comparing the worldly emphasis of the Disneyland Succoth Vacation Extravaganza with the Holy Days kept by Israel, it is obvious that the veil is still barring their understanding. When Ezra kept the Feast of Booths after a long hiatus of neglecting this command (Nehemiah 8:1-13), peoples' understanding increased exponentially by having the Law of God daily. In Ezekiel 16, God demonstrates how much He loves His people and desires to perfect them, dressing them in splendor, an approbation more directed at the Israel of God than physical Israel. If we meet Jesus Christ's criterion, we will be ruling for eternity. All of the offices God has given to the body of Christ have been given to keep the body aligned following wherever Christ leads. If we fail to prize the gifts God has given us, we disqualify ourselves as a special treasure, a consecrated people, and a kingdom of priests. As Moses' specific purpose was predetermined before he was born (needing to be tweaked and refashioned during his tenure as God's servant), God's people will face some unpleasantries and tragedies on their way to perfection and glorification. The Feast of Tabernacles is a gift God has given to His chosen people, called, and predestined from the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:14).



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