Sermon: God Never Disappoints!


Given 16-Oct-21; 68 minutes

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Unlike people who, because of their natural carnal nature, at enmity against God and His Laws, feel disappointment with God, God's people should never experience any disappointment with Him. The apostle Paul labored against the treacherous, philosophical preaching to the Jews who considered Christ a stumbling block—the Greeks, who considered Christ foolishness compared to their vaunted philosophy, and the Romans, who treasured their power. To God's people, He blesses their capital investments with dividends of both physical and spiritual value. The apostle Paul, having calculated his debt to Almighty God, knew that Christ would magnify his life whether he lived or died. We should never compartmentalize our lives into sacred (on the Sabbath) and/or a secular compartment (consisting of work, family, etc.). All should be dedicated to Jesus Christ. I Corinthians 10:21 requires our entire life as a living sacrifice, which is our reasonable service. Christ must be magnified in all those who dwell in Him. We do not own our body; Christ must be magnified in all of us, rather than the lusts of the world. As Christ's followers, we must take part in the crucifixion of our flesh (Romans 6: 6) having no pity on the old man, nailing it to the cross until totally executed. We are required to: 1.) deny the self, 2.) take up our cross daily, and 3.) follow Jesus Christ.



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