Sermonette: How Will We See God?

Seeking Peace & Holiness

Given 05-Jan-19; 19 minutes

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Revelation 1:6-9 assures us that every eye will see Jesus Christ when He returns, yet how we will see Him—in earnest joy or abject fear. God counsels us to pursue peace and holiness with all people. When we revere God's name, giving Him proper esteem, we receive peace. As we pursue holiness, becoming Holy as God is Holy, we draw steadily closer to God. If we insist on our own righteousness with a Pharisaical, prideful outlook, we defile ourselves and distance ourselves from God. God expects us to fellowship with His people, even though, as living stones, we are all somewhat hardheaded. We must be willing to make sacrifices of love to each other, carefully avoiding anything which may offend and discourage. God is building us together, fitting each individual to fulfill a need within Christ's Body. If we yield to the shaping of the Holy Spirit, God will transform us into a new creation, able to see Christ's return with decided joy.