Sermonette: Preempting God

Endtime Activism

Given 26-Jan-19; 18 minutes

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We have all heard the quote that "The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to be silent," yet this rallying cry may tempt us to engage in social activism not approved by Almighty God. Today, the siren call is out all over the media to engage in political activism for a myriad of antagonistic causes. Satan encourages the fracturing of our society by fomenting division, pitting men against women, ethnicity against ethnicity, management against labor, socialist against capitalist, etc. The purpose of any kind of "activism" is to gin up murderous hatred toward the enemy on the other side until a bloody civil war settles the account. Perhaps one of the first social activists recorded in Scripture was Moses, who took justice into his own hands by murdering an Egyptian to avenge the cruelty to his people. This act of social activism pre-empted God's promise to avenge His people, sending the impatient social justice warrior into hiding for 40 years. When Pharaoh set his heart on evil, God strengthened his evil heart to reap the consequences of his behavior. As God's called-out ones, we see evil triumphing every day as news media and corrupt politicians get away with vile lies and murder. We are tempted to reason that we should get involved and assist God in expunging evil. If we do, we are pre-empting God and may mess things up, as did Moses with his zealous political activism. Our Lord is a God of justice. He will avenge evil and injustice according to His time table—not ours. We must trust in His impeccable sovereignty, curbing our counterproductive impatience.