Sermonette: Examine Oneself


Given 06-Apr-19; 17 minutes

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To avoid taking the Passover in an unworthy manner, we are to put ourselves on trial, thoroughly interrogating ourselves, making an ardent effort to detect our shortcomings. When we repent and keep God's Law, we are not "under the law." Grace does not imply a license to break law of any ilk or to do what we want because we are 'covered with grace.' We must come to the fearful self-appraisal experienced by David when confronted by Nathan, Job, who clearly saw his own unworthy life when compared to God's majesty, and Peter, who was so ashamed, he was ready to walk away. If self-examination is a solitary duty, it is also a salutary one, enabling us to steer clear of becoming reprobate. God gives us the ability to put ourselves on trial, thoroughly examining ourselves lest we eat or drink a deadly verdict (sickness, disease, as well as physical and spiritual death) upon ourselves.