Sermonette: Serving Others


Given 16-Oct-19; 18 minutes

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Neither the toxic worldview of evolution nor that espoused by mainstream Christendom answer why we exist at all. Even David's exclamation that we are wonderfully made does not answer the question, "For what?" God gave mankind dominion over the earth to dress and keep it, but we also have a mandate to serve both God and man as He has called us into a holy priesthood as living stones, becoming heirs of the promises of God. Service, a duty God places on His people, teaches humility. Sadly, some hold back, serving themselves while considering service to others out of the question. Some deterrents to godly service include: (1.) A life of privilege which restrains some from serving others or receiving service from others (that is, the Laodicean attitude); (2.) The victimhood mentality, wherein embittered individuals refuse to serve because they think the world has cheated them out of their entitlements; (3.) Laziness, resenting the inconvenience that service, by definition, requires work. Inaction is an absolute curse on religious life; (4.) Cowardice, including moral cowardice: Holding back from serving because we fear embarrassment. In Judges 5:23, a curse falls on a whole city in Israel because its people did not help others; these people did not collude with the enemy, but neither did they lift a finger to help their brothers. Even though we may feel impotent in our powers to serve, if we are connected to the Vine (John 15:5) God will enable us to "get the job done."