Sermonette: Unresolved: The Way We Were


Given 19-Oct-19; 20 minutes

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Joe Baity, graphically describing the many life-destroying elements of our current culture, emphatically declares that mankind is destroying itself by rejecting God's law. One of the major tools Satan uses to upend us is the unresolved weaknesses and sins welling up from our past. In Psalm 90, Moses affirms that our secret sins are in the plain sight of God, and they will destroy us if we have not confessed them and jettisoned them. In Psalm 19:12, David pleads that God will cleanse him of his secret sins. All unresolved—and that includes hidden—sins occupying the deep, dark recesses of our memory possess the ability to create a gap between us and God. Our unresolved past resembles a musty, smelly, cluttered attic, making it difficult to live happily in the present—in the moment. We live in sobering times; it is time for increased urgency on our part, not because God is running out of mercy, but because we are running out of time to purge out our hidden and secret sins.