Sermonette: Call Upon the Name of the Lord


Given 28-Mar-20; 15 minutes

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Austin Del Castillo focuses on the need to strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior, High Priest, and Advocate. Should we only pray to God the Father, given Christ's words in the model prayer and His proclamation that the Father was greater than He? Nevertheless, Jesus told His disciples that if they asked in His name, He would give it to them (John 14:13-14). As our Advocate before the Father, Jesus is continually supplicating for us. As Stephen was dying at the hands of his persecutors (Acts 7:59-60), he talked directly to Jesus. When Ananias was told in a vision how to prepare for Saul/Paul, the former persecutor, he apparently was talking directly to Jesus Christ. Avoiding extremes, we should realize that the Father has empowered us to pray to both Him and His Son. As the affianced bride of Christ, we should be spending much time communicating with our fiancé, praying regularly to Our Lord Jesus Christ.