Sermon: Hebrews (Part Thirteen): Chapter 2, A Mind-Bending Purpose (Part Two)


Given 14-Mar-20; 60 minutes

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The Jewish converts to the Way, although having had the benefit of Messianic prophecies, did not recognize the powerful significance of Psalm 8, failing to grasp neither its macro focus—Jesus Christ, nor its micro focus—mankind, both prepared to rule over the entire Creation, having dominion over the angelic kingdom. Despite all the miracles Jesus demonstrated to establish His credentials, most of the Jewish converts had tremendous difficulty in getting the big picture. As recorded in Daniel 7, the Prophet had a vision of two Beings—the Ancient of Days (God the Father) and "One like the Son of Man" (Jesus Christ). Throughout the New Testament, Jesus identified Himself 15 times as God. Revelation 7 and 21 depict a time when resurrected saints will assume positions of rulership directly under God the Father and God the Son. If we do not want to give this up, we must equip ourselves with the vision of faith. Both Abraham and Job had this kind of vision, as did Paul and Stephen. All those whom God calls experience the same obstacle course Christ experienced, although not to the same intensity. What Jesus accomplished was to set the standard of perfection, at the same time confirming our salvation. We are parts of His body and parts of His temple. If we are not a cell in Christ's Body, we are not a part of Him. For God's Called-out Ones, it is not just a matter of accepting Him: God requires that we become a part of Him, having Christ's mind.



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