Sermonette: God's Perspective


Given 23-May-20; 17 minutes

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While Western students complain of hardships in education, students in Nepal experience more danger getting to and from school than most of us do in a year. We should strive to gain God's perspective (Isaiah 55:8-9) when complaining of "insurmountable" fears, anxieties, and tribulation. Job, after enduring the errant perspectives from messengers bringing bad news, from his wife, who urged him to curse God and die, and from his 'well-meaning' friends, who urged Job to repent of his sins, finally saw matters from God's above-the-sun perspective. Job learned to appreciate God's sovereignty and His role as the Master Potter. Human nature skews everyone's judgment of reality; there is always more than meets the eye. God's called-out ones must never rush to judgment, realizing that with any situation "Good or bad, it is hard to say."