Sermonette: Who's Sending the Looters?


Given 05-Sep-20; 20 minutes

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This year has been a year filled with riots and looting, resulting in destruction, injury and death. Many legislatures remain mired in partisan politics. Historians have come to the defense of the malcontents, suggesting that protest has existed as a means to bring about social change for centuries, examples including the Protestant Reformation, the French Revolution, and the Boston Tea Party. Disregarding the strong tradition of civil disobedience in America and the doctrine of "peaceful protest" advanced by Martin Luther King, jr., some sociologists have gone so far as to assert that rioting and looting are as American as apple pie. Looting and destruction go beyond protest, being crimes unsupportable by any "means-justifies-the-end" rationale. When Israel lapsed into idolatry and lawlessness, God raised up the Assyrians, Babylonians and, later, the Romans to plunder and destroy them. As God anciently used ruthless gentile nations to puncture Israel's pride, it is not beyond the scope of God's justice to allow gentiles living in Israel to serve as a testimony of Israel's lawlessness. If Israel repents, God has promised to "heal" their land (II Chronicles 7:13-14).