Sermonette: The Purpose of Offerings

Appreciating God's Providence

Given 19-Sep-20; 19 minutes

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The Pastor General of a well-known church made a statement that turned the giving of offerings into a competition and a rich man's game. Offerings serve a far higher spiritual function than a mere money-raising system. The intent of Deuteronomy 16:17—giving as one is able according to the blessing God has given—requires a thoughtful, meditative exercise, as one considers what monetary equivalent to attach to the gifts God provides, such as life, spouse, children, grandchildren, food, employment, and the spiritual blessings of His calling, forgiveness, redemption, salvation and membership in His family. In commanding free-will offerings, God asks us to factor all these blessings into the equation, determining what value we place on His blessings to us. In doing so, we should reflect that, if we sow sparingly, we will reap sparingly, but if we sow liberally, He will enable us to reap abundantly as we strive to imitate God's grace and all of His actions that bring us into communion with Him.