Sermon: Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part Four): Favor to Live as God Lives


Given 10-Apr-21; 63 minutes

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We can lose God's favor if we forsake our first love (Revelation 2:4). That love manifested itself in our commitment to keeping His law. Like the Ephesian church, the Pharisees started out with a noble purpose—safeguarding Israel from losing God's favor through breaking His laws. But along the way, human nature overcame the Jewish leadership and their vainglory turned them into self-seeking hypocrites. When God first called the members of the Ephesian church, they realized they were damaged goods, just like the breast-beating Publican. However, after years of struggle, engaging in endless battles over doctrinal matters, they became hardened, more willing to wield a spear than to exhibit a contrite attitude, trembling at God's word (Isaiah 66:20), the attitude which Abraham and Noah displayed. God's people earn His favor by obedience; there is a direct tie between submission to His will and His favor. The more one submits to God, the more favor and grace accrues over time. Mercy, favor, and grace constitute a single, unified package, promised as a response to unconditional submission to God and His law.



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