Sermonette: Contrite Heart


Given 20-Mar-21; 19 minutes

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It is easy to increase busyness while at the same time decrease efficiency because of excessive self-concern and the cares of the world. As the day of God's wrath appears imminent, we must diligently seek the Lord, righteousness, and humility (Zephaniah 2:1-3). The attribute which pleases God most is contrition (Isaiah 66:1-20). Although Saul started his reign with humility, his cumulative pride later led to bitterness and rejection of God's correction. God chastened both Moses and David for their sins; both yielded to His correction, accepting their humbled circumstances as clay on the potter's table. Unlike Saul, Moses and David did not try to justify the actions but threw themselves on God's mercy. As the culture of Jacob's offspring continues to deteriorate, God's people need to soberly reflect on their impermanent state, keeping in mind the untimely deaths of saints. All must seriously examine themselves and avoid being caught up in the cares of this life, forgetting that the time of death may be closer than they may think.