Sermonette: If You Can Keep It

Our Need to Remain Actively Engaged With Our Calling

Given 10-Jul-21; 16 minutes

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Answering the question of a citizen of the newly formed United States of America, "What have we got: a monarchy or a republic?" Benjamin Franklin quipped, "a republic, if you can keep it." Political philosophers at that age, conditioned to highly structured hierarchical governments, where upward mobility was not common, waited to see how America's governmental experiment, based on the concept that all men had certain unalienable rights rooted in natural law, would fare. Most of the Founding Fathers recognized that God governs the affairs of men. The emergent republic was secure as long the people were moral and vigilant. Sadly, Americans, having by and large lost both their morality and their sense of vigilance, now stand on the verge of losing the republic to an oligarchy of elite globalists. Failing to be doers of the law rather than inert hearers, Americans have lost the ability to keep their republic. God's people must forsake the ways of this evil age, remaining committed to obeying God's law.