Sermonette: Supernatural Gifts


Given 21-Sep-21; 21 minutes

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In Deuteronomy 16:16, we are commanded to appear three times a year with an offering, with an offering pertaining to each holy day. In verse 17, the qualification about using judgment is added, denoting acquiring a proper attitude. This is not a popularity contest, comparing oneself to others, nor is it attempting to bribe God for a better position in His Kingdom, but instead a proper estimation of the physical and spiritual gifts God has bestowed, particularly His precious Holy Spirit. Serving in the Body of Christ is not a matter of preternatural (beyond natural) skill but a supernatural implantation of God's Holy Spirit. Without God's Holy Spirit, even the most gifted members of God's Church have no more ability than Balaam's mule. Reflecting on the undeniable vulnerability of every called-out saint, and how God makes up the lacking balance in perfecting the abilities and talents, the true value of God's Spirit can be demonstrated. In John 14, our Lord and Savior tells us to not let our hearts be troubled even though we have not been rescued from the evil society around us but have the assurance that God will supply us with everything we need to overcome and build godly character. Attitude, attitude, and attitude should lead us to correctly estimate the value of God's spiritual gifts.