Sermonette: For Love of Family


Given 26-Sep-21; 23 minutes

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The Feast of Tabernacles depicts a time when God's Saints, in the composite role of King and Priest (not king or priest) will both teach God's law as well as maintain civic governmental functions, needing to exercise patience and measured response to a people, preciously schooled in rebellion and stubbornness. As God's First fruits, God's chosen are already part of God's family, though not yet glorified and totally composed of spirit, taking place after the Resurrection. Jesus regarded those who followed His will more of His family than His blood relatives (Mark 3: 31) To those called, DOING is required more than just knowing what God's will is. Psalm 38:2 suggests that doing is magnified higher by God than His name, indicating that one cannot be good unless one does good. In the past, some have mistakenly suggested that the Gospel was exclusively about the Kingdom of God and not about the person of Jesus Christ, but His example for us is the heart and core of the Gospel. In the prayer Jesus prayed the evening before His crucifixion, He assured His disciples then and now, that the Father loves all of His chosen ones to the same degree as He loves Jesus Christ. When God's people make dreadful life-choice mistakes as did the Prodigal Son, the Father looks continually down the road, anxiously awaiting the return of His prodigal child (a role we all sadly succumb to), desiring to clothe Him with a royal robe and re-instatement into the family of God. When Jesus read the scroll from Isaiah in Luke 4:17-19, He preached to the poor in spirit, the broken- hearted, those in captivity- healing words to the Most Royal Family, even in the depths of adversity, pointing to a joyous change of events in the glorified life to come.