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commentary: De-Population: Vaccines

No Flesh Saved Alive

Given 03-Dec-11; Sermon #1077c; 14 minutes

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Martin Collins, noticing an increased attention to world depopulation, as demonstrated in the movies I am Legend and The Walking Dead, reiterates that the elite have been preparing to drastically reduce world population for many years, anticipating bio-weapons that would eliminate 'undesirable' portions of the population while safeguarding the 'desirable' elite. The elite hope to accomplish this disgusting genocide by manufacturing vaccines for bogus diseases and pandemics. These 'flu' vaccines actually contain massive amounts of spermicidal and other sterility compounds, designed to systematically whittle down the size of the population. Since the pushing of vaccines, the birthrate has dramatically declined over the past decade—nearly 19%. The elite are now considering GMO food vaccines to speed up the process of world infertility, dramatically reducing world population.



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