Commentary: The Fear of Man Is a Snare

A Solemn Warning About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Given 05-Jun-21; 13 minutes

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A number of ministers of the greater church of God, forgetting that the fear of man brings a snare (Proverbs 29:25), have yielded to pressure regarding the Covid vaccine, in so doing ignoring God's commission (Ezekiel 33:6-8) that His shepherds warn the flock of impending dangers. The current Covid "vaccines" are in fact not vaccines at all, but, according to Dr. Simone Gold, "dangerous biological agents that have the potential to cause substantially greater harm than the Covid-19 disease itself". The FDA has not approved of these vaccines. The government has granted the manufacturers broad immunity against legal action in the case of injury or death due to the vaccine. There have been more deaths and injuries from the 'vaccines' in the last five months than the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a statistical monitoring tool sponsored by the FDA and CDC, has reported in the last thirty years. A team of a thousand lawyers and ten thousand medical experts is investigating the implemented "gain of function" viruses funded by the CDC and WHO as possible crimes against humanity. If God's shepherds faint because of fear of persecution, their floundering shows that their strength was limited in the first place (Proverbs 24:10).



Proverbs 29:25 teaches us that,

Proverbs 29:25 The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD shall be safe.

During the past five months, I have become alarmed that a number of the shepherds, leaders, and watchmen of our sister splinter groups in the greater church of God have timidly knuckled under to social and political pressure, blatantly ignoring God’s Ezekiel 33:6-8 commission to warn His precious flock about impending dangers. Frankly, if I were in their shoes, I would be far more terrified of being fitted for a Matthew 18:6 millstone than the annoying discomfort of a little public criticism.

I also find it embarrassing for the greater church of God, that a number of individuals upon which we may have looked down as being nominal or worldly ‘Christians,’ such as Pastor Artur Pawlowski, arrested on the Sabbath of May the 8th, in Calgary, Alberta by the cowardly mask Gestapo, and the brave Catholic Priest from La Crosse, Wisconsin, James Altman, fired by the Archbishop for warning the his flock about the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines, and the pastor of the Harvest Rock church occupying the Ambassador Auditorium, have demonstrated far more intestinal fortitude than some spokesmen or overseers in the greater church of God.

My first pastor in the then-Radio Church of God, the late Charles Sherwin McMichael, who was always cognizant of the dangers of giving medical, dietary, or legal advice, nevertheless, when he counseled publicly or privately, would emphatically say, “I would not do this,” providing a firm warning to the flock to cease and desist from potentially hazardous behavior.

Despite what some may have assumed, Dave Maas is not particularly invested in fire and brimstone messages. But I would like to use former President Harry Truman’s technique as he responded to his supporters’ demands back in 1948: “Give 'em hell, Harry.” Truman replied, “I don’t give them hell—I just tell the truth, and they think it’s hell.”

Having taken my last vaccine in 1956, namely the Salk Polio Vaccine, I solemnly affirm that I will NEVER AGAIN, under any circumstances, take another vaccine for any purpose-especially an experimental shot (not a vaccine at all, but, according to Dr. Simone Gold, dangerous biological agents that have the potential to cause substantially greater harm than the COVID-19 disease itself) developed by pharmaceutical corporations (Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna, all previously riddled with a plethora of malpractice lawsuits), a vaccine which has brought death to mice and pigs in previous tests, vaccines never approved by the FDA, but whose manufacturers have been given broad legal immunity to protect them from being held liable for injuries or deaths by vaccines—which are precipitously higher during the last five months than the entire past 30 years, as measured by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), sponsored by the FDA and CDC. To be sure, you will never hear about this in the major new networks—the modern equivalent to ancient Israel’s ten spies we heard about last week ["Proper Memorials and the Right Spirit"].

If you check two previous commentaries I have delivered on "Unmasking Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing," you will remember that Dr. Anthony Fauci authorized and funded the BSL-4 Laboratory at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, under the direction of Dr. Ralph Baric and Dr. Shi Zhengli (sometimes dubbed "the Bat Woman”), who later transferred to Wuhan Virology Lab with a $3 million dollar funding through the NIH-funded Eco Health Alliance), paid for by your tax dollars. Both proudly published peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, boasting about how they used gain-of-function techniques such as genetic engineering and lab manipulation to make coronaviruses more infectious and virulent.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, coronaviruses like SARS typically have an extremely narrow host range, infecting one or just a few species, such as bats. However, using RNA recombination, gene engineers (such as those at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wuhan Virology Laboratory) can and did manipulate viruses such as COVID-19 for gain-of-function to enable them to infect other species (namely, human cells from "The Truth about COVID-19" by Dr. Mercola).

It is no state secret that the military-pharmaceutical complex (having been renamed the "Department of Defense" instead of the "War Department" in 1949) has been feverishly preparing for biological warfare from the Truman Administration to the present. Far from the stated purpose of creating vaccines to protect people, the overriding purpose of the Department of Defense is “to kill people and break things.” The coronavirus was manufactured in both Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Wuhan, China with the capacity to thin out a large portion of the world’s population, destroying potentially millions of people, perhaps as globalist elites such as Bill Gates, the largest non-government contributor to the World Health Organization and a major contributor to Planned Parenthood, who (along with Ted Turner, the creator of CNN (the Cover-up News Network) has publicly endorsed abortion and sterilizing vaccines to thin the world’s population by 90%.

The current so-called COVID vaccines, developed by Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson, instead of protecting people from COVID-19, have produced cases of COVID, bringing unacceptably high numbers of injuries and fatalities. According to Dr. Jessica Rose, member of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 6 percent of those receiving the shot end up dying. Brothers and sisters, this is five points higher than for the mortality rate of the disease itself. The majority of these deaths occur among the elderly, the morbidly obese, people with diabetes, people with sleep apnea, and people with pre-existing lung issues and COPD. Some of us in this congregation could check off one or more of these boxes.

As of May 25, 2021, the European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Vaccines, reported 12,184 dead and 1,196,190 injuries, including blood and lymphatic system disorders, cardiac disorder, congenital, familial disorders, ear and labyrinth disorders, endocrine disorders, eye disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, strokes, immune system disorders, infections and infestations, injury, poisoning and procedural complications, metabolism and nutrition disorders, musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, nervous system disorders, psychiatric disorders, renal and urinary disorders, reproductive system and breast disorders, respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders, and skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders.

Last week I was apprised that a team of over 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 medical experts, led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, has begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO, and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity—a new Nuremburg-style trial, which intends to prove that the acts of individuals such as Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates make Dr. Joseph Mengele look like a venerated saint.

Proverbs 24:10 warns us,

Proverbs 24:10 If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.

If God’s shepherds faint because of fear of persecution, their strength is as small as the 10 evil spies who dispirited the children of Israel. As Mark Schindler instructed us last week, if we keep in remembrance God’s providence in our lives, we will be given more than enough strength to face the real life and death issues.