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An Overview of the Immigration Problem

Commentary; #1174c; 13 minutes
Given 31-Aug-13

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John Ritenbaugh, citing a recent address given by former governor of Colorado, Richard Lamb, gives a list of comprehensive warnings about the governmental mishandling of the immigration problem. When God led the Israelites into new territory, they were to push out all traces of the inhabitants who dwelled there before them. When God confused the languages at Babel, it effectively curtailed the project the peoples were working on. Similarly, bi-lingualism is fracturing America's ability to construct a coherent policy. According to Lamb, no nation in history has survived in which more than one language was practiced. The current drive in most colleges and universities to attain multi-culturalism has weakened and endangered the survival of a distinctive American culture. When diversity is given greater importance than unity, one can see the end of unity and cooperation with regard to national goals. So much for e-pluribus unum. The insane drive to attribute each minority's disadvantage to the greed of the majority will destroy the integrity of this nation. When local allegiances in ancient Greece became more important than national unity, they lost the war to the Spartans. Like ancient Greece, America is on the fast lane to becoming Balkanized (fractured by petty local allegiances), making us also vulnerable for takeover or destruction. Forces in both political parties are making it difficult to enforce immigration laws because they argue that "immigration is always good," legal or illegal.


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