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What's Happening to the Blacks?

Inter-Racial Warfare

Commentary; #1176c; 10 minutes
Given 07-Sep-13

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting on the recent hopelessly biased liberal media portrayal of the Zimmerman trial, indicates that the leftist liberal media have sold the Black populace a bill of goods, portraying White America as hopelessly racist and the Black minority as perennial victims of hate crimes. The liberal media has also spread the heinous lie to the Black citizenry that government is the only answer to correct racism and bring about equity. The cold unadulterated statistics tell a different story, indicating that 93 % of homicides against blacks are committed by other Blacks. In both Black and White communities, statistics indicate that homicide is overwhelmingly intra-racial rather than interracial. If the Black (or any other) community wishes to save itself from ultimate enslavement to big government, it must (1) encourage individual responsibility rather than blame other ethnic groups for its predicament, (2) follow peaceful role models such as Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, (3) drop associations with divisive caustic role models such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and (4) realize that the leftist media's ultimate objective is power and subjugation rather than benevolence and equity.


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