Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

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Worthy to Take the Scroll

Why John Wept Much

Sermonette; #1300s; 18 minutes
Given 19-Dec-15

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Portions of Handel's Messiah are taken from the book of Revelation, such as the momentous occasion of the Lamb being declared worthy to take to the Scroll. The Apostle John "wept much" because of the gravity of what the scroll represented, not simply out of disappointment at missing knowledge. The sealed scroll most resembles a title deed, which can only be opened by the one worthy to redeem certain property. The rightful owner of the title deed is Jesus Christ. God created all things, but until this moment, the world was held captive in the misrule of Satan the devil. After the sealed deed was opened, the world could be redeemed, and the kingdoms of this world will be replaced by the Kingdom of Christ.



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