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Jesus Christ

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Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Six)

Church History - AD 20th Century

Sermon; #1481; 70 minutes
Given 06-Apr-19

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History is not an endless cycle but is speeding to a God-ordained conclusion. We must not forget how we received the truth. The fellowship of the Church of God, falling prey to Protestant deceptions by the early 1920s, had come to de-emphasize repentance and to reject the God-ordained governance of His Church. God called Herbert Armstrong into this fellowship, who came not only to teach the Sabbath and Holy Days, but a panoply of other biblical doctrines which had become forgotten by many in God's Church. In 1933, the true Gospel went on the airwaves, starting in Oregon and then across the nation during the 1950s and into Europe in the 1960s. Concurrent with this preaching activity of the Radio Church of God, Ambassador College provided needed biblical instruction for the emerging ministry serving what was to become the Worldwide Church of God of the 1960s and beyond. Like the four groups of seeds exposed to shallow, thorny, stony, and good ground, many heard the true Gospel, but relatively few remained faithful after the onslaught of internal and external enemies. Finally, a number of disloyal ministers began to advocate the slow and tortuous death of God's Church by turning to Protestant theology, as expressed in the Systematic Theology Project. Although abhorrent antinomian, Protestant, liberal heresy brought an end to the Worldwide Church of God and Ambassador College, God never abandoned His Church. He is still interceding on behalf of the scattered saints, weaving everything together for the good of His children.


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