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Hosea, Gomer, God, and Israel

Imitating Gods Love

Sermon; #1486B; 38 minutes
Given 04-May-19

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Prosperity, coupled with the carnal mind, ultimately yields moral degeneration, which the Scriptures symbolize as adultery—faithlessness to the covenant. To dramatize the perennial harlotry of Israel and the incredible love God exhibits toward His people, He commands Hosea to marry a harlot, Gomer. Though she may initially display some affection for the prophet, she ultimately runs away with her lovers. Hosea pleads with her, grieving for her as though she has been taken away in death. After her lovers abandon her, Hosea redeems Gomer from slavery, restoring her to her former favored position. In doing so, the prophet represents Christ's command that we forgive 70 times 7, meaning infinitely, without number. Similarly, God's love for us is never-ending; He adjures us to love our brothers in Christ as Hosea loved Gomer. God commands that we relinquish the corroding grudges we hold against people, recognizing that we have been the source of trials for others. We must exercise the same love for each other as God has for us, aspiring to reap the blessing of family unity (Psalm 133).


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