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Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Ten)

Sermon; #1496; 67 minutes
Given 06-Jul-19

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The three parables in Matthew 25 (The Ten Virgins, The Talents and The Sheep and Goats) all focus on the importance of spiritual preparedness. The Ten Virgins constitute the entirety of the visible Church, half systematically preparing and half foolishly neglecting opportunities to grow spiritually. Both the wise and foolish virgins (1) are attending in the same place, (2) have accepted the invitation to the Wedding Feast, (3) have waited a long time, (4) have expressed affection for the Bridegroom, (5) have confessed Jesus as their Lord, (6) have expressed belief in His Second Coming, and (7) have fallen asleep, becoming weary. Fruit-bearing is the only evidence that God's people are preparing for Christ's return. We are to use our energies to keep our lamps filled with oil (God's Holy Spirit), asking God to expose and cleanse us from our secret sins. God expects us to diligently watch because we do not know when Christ will return. Any delay on God's part is the result of His love for us. God's people understand that 1) the Lord will come without warning, (2) we cannot "transfer" our conversion to others, and (3) we cannot regain lost opportunities. Like the Wise Virgins, we must be ready for what seems to us a lengthy delay, using this precious time to build godly character and produce the fruit of righteousness.


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