Commentary: Liberalism and the English Riots

Bitter Fruit of Liberal Judgments

Given 13-Aug-11; 12 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, focusing on an article by Max Hastings in the Daily Mail, identifies liberal dogma as a major contributory cause of the disgusting riots in London. Others have blamed the riotous behavior on stodgy old people, race, banks, greedy corporations, Zionist Jews, Satan, and perhaps the decrepit or ineffectual Anglican Church. The blame for these immature acts of violence and destruction falls squarely on the shoulders of the perpetrators, who inherited their propensity to sin from our parents—Adam and Eve. Sadly but predictably, liberal judges tend to place the blame on genetics, environment, or society—but never on the one who commits the crime, excusing the behavior because of 'mitigating circumstances.' The riots were not spontaneous, but were spawned by seditious left-wing political operatives, community organizers, and Islam gangs spreading the message to revolt through cell-phone and texting. If the naïve and clueless liberal judges tolerate and excuse this social unrest, God will not. Liberal judges will have much to answer for when they are finally brought before God's judgment.



Things this week got pretty hot over there in England. I haven't been following those riots all that much, especially on TV, because I've pretty much given up on television news as being virtually useless. I still haven't seen any television coverage to this day, but I have seen a small number of video clips that appeared via email.

An email arrived concerning the riots this week. This one really piqued my interest because the article was taken from the English newspaper, The Daily Mail, and it was written by one Max Hastings. It was the title that I really caught. The title was rather long: "Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalized youngsters."

Well, as I said, that piqued my interest because of my interest in liberalism these last months. I do not believe that liberalism is the sole cause, but it certainly is a major part of the mix of causes that brought this rioting forth. That mix of causes was illustrated by blog post. In fact, it was the second blog post that showed up immediately following Mr. Hastings' article, and the blogger said that Hastings was totally wrong, and he blamed the whole riot on old people. (I'm one of them.)

Then on Friday, I received another e mail, which contained a video off David Duke. Remember David Duke, of Ku Klux Klan fame? He was putting forth his proposal of what caused the riots, and he said that it was Zionist Jews who promote immigration, multiculturalism, and control the media and entertainment industries.

Now, those influences really do affect the immature, and I am sure that if I cared to search out more diligently, we'd find someone blaming the riots on banks, large corporations, and governmental policies that do not support the plight of the poor as nearly as they should be.

One area that I believe we might have a bit of trouble finding much of a critique on, though, would be religion. I am sure that finding one that blames Satan would be perhaps the rarest of all. Now, why would there be a dearth from religion and a dearth blaming Satan? Well, because in England the church is so ineffective nobody gives a hoot.

In London, advertisements appear on buses, boldly announcing that there is no God, so people should just get over it and contribute to the organization that is putting up the ads and join with a local group in spreading this word.

There are so many possible sources that one can look to for causes. What are we supposed to believe? Which report is the most accurate? Well, this is a constant dilemma for any of us trying to keep abreast of the news and at the same time attempting to learn to judge best what the causes are so that when we have our opportunity under the Kingdom of God, we will not allow these things to be repeated.

However, at this point in time, what would you advise the British government to do with those arrested while pillaging and plundering and destroying property by burning and breaking and entering in the midst of these riots? The last I heard, the police had already arrested 1200 people.

There is an aspect of God's judgment that we must all be keenly aware of, and I hope that the British judges will not allow their liberalism to overlook this particular principle. This principle is something that we must learn and learn it well. It appears in Romans 5:12, where it says,

Romans 5:12 Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned—

Let's explain this, very simply. The wages of sin is death. That's pretty clear, is it not? Sin entered the world through Adam's sin, and because of sin, so did death. Not only that, death spread to all men. Now here is the punchline. Why? Because, like Adam, all have sinned. This means, in short, that we do not die because Adam sinned, but rather because we have all sinned. The verse is making very clear that we cannot blame Adam, Dad or Mom, the wicked uncle or aunt that is part of the family, or our friends that we hang out with, the club we belong to—and the devil did not make us do it.

We must face up to the fact that we die because we are guilty. Can we accept that? We cannot pass our committing of sin or of a crime to somebody else as being responsible. The individual who sins is responsible.

Here is my problem regarding British judges and judgment: Liberals have a history of blaming things on somebody else. "It's genetics," or "It's the community's fault. He or she got in with a bad crowd." Thus, with this line of thinking, crimes against humanity, against the community and its individuals, tend to be passed off very lightly. How often do you hear, even here in Charlotte, that somebody is arrested and the next day they are out on the street again, even though they know that this guy has already a rap sheet of breaking the law that long with his name on it. And, of course, in every case, the liberal sees that there are mitigating circumstances. But God does not pass off that easily, even though He, too, knows there are mitigating circumstances.

Let me give you an example. Cain killed Abel, but God did not put him to death. But the punishment was so stiff, Cain said, "Please take some of this burden off me. Everywhere I go, somebody's going to kill me." God did not kill Judas for the heinous betrayal of Jesus Christ. But Judas was so distraught and so distressed internally that he put himself to death. In a sense, you might say God gave him exactly what he needed.

I do not know what the Brits will do. But it is my hope that they are stern in their punishments of those that they find guilty. Because from Prime Minister David Cameron's address to the nation, we learned that this rioting was not merely a spontaneous reaction to an unfortunate killing by a policeman. In fact, the first reactions did not take place until 24 hours later. And then, the Brits have discovered, that there was massive use of social media, from Pottingham, where it began, to other cities where the rioting sprang up. There was a great, great deal of gang involvement—of gangs in one city calling the gangs in another city, and on and on, like a chain around the nation, stirring things into a riotous condition. Doesn't sound spontaneous at all, does it? It sounds almost like it was pretty well organized, and the unfortunate killing by the policeman provided the spark that gave them an excuse. God will not buy it. They're guilty.