Commentary: An Overview of the Immigration Problem


Given 31-Aug-13; 13 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, citing a recent address given by former governor of Colorado, Richard Lamb, gives a list of comprehensive warnings about the governmental mishandling of the immigration problem. When God led the Israelites into new territory, they were to push out all traces of the inhabitants who dwelled there before them. When God confused the languages at Babel, it effectively curtailed the project the peoples were working on. Similarly, bi-lingualism is fracturing America's ability to construct a coherent policy. According to Lamb, no nation in history has survived in which more than one language was practiced. The current drive in most colleges and universities to attain multi-culturalism has weakened and endangered the survival of a distinctive American culture. When diversity is given greater importance than unity, one can see the end of unity and cooperation with regard to national goals. So much for e-pluribus unum. The insane drive to attribute each minority's disadvantage to the greed of the majority will destroy the integrity of this nation. When local allegiances in ancient Greece became more important than national unity, they lost the war to the Spartans. Like ancient Greece, America is on the fast lane to becoming Balkanized (fractured by petty local allegiances), making us also vulnerable for takeover or destruction. Forces in both political parties are making it difficult to enforce immigration laws because they argue that "immigration is always good," legal or illegal.



The commentary this day is titled, "An Overview of the Immigration Problem." But this first thing that I am going to give to you has really nothing at all to do with that subject. As a matter of fact, it is tied into a commentary that Martin Collins delivered in the recent past ["Who is the god of Medicine?"]. He warned of a few of the dangers of trusting without due respect what doctors are medicating people with these days. One must be very careful because the side effects of many of those medications are lied about, not necessarily by the doctor, but they are prescribed, even though they are tested nowhere near as thoroughly as it should be for a long enough period of time. Thus, their safety record is severely compromised.

Now, even the yummy orange that we so casually buy at the supermarket needs to be thought about a bit. They are so sweet and juicy, and there is hardly anything that will raise one's blood sugar level as quickly and restore the higher energy level that we need after a night's sleep.

Add to this last Sabbath's sermonette by Ronny Graham regarding what's happening to trees in the United States ["Deforestation of Israel"]. We heard how the chestnut tree has been decimated, and at one time the chestnut tree was the very heart of America's wood supply. I'm not sure, but I do not know if there is even one chestnut tree standing in the entire United States today. But this week I learned that orange trees are not all that far from being put on the endangered list because of two different plagues infesting and killing them. Botanists have been searching into a cure for a number of years, and they think they have found a solution. But it is a solution—typical of mankind—that I believe is in the same general manner as that of GMO corn, GMO soy, and modern hybridized wheat "solutions."

Listen to this. They have already used this process, and they report that it is showing good signs of success. The solution is they are combining orange plant DNA with pig DNA, and producing a tree that is apparently impervious to the plagues destroying the trees. I leave you with this thought: Is there no end to Satan's madness?

This second topic was largely drawn from an article that reported on a speech that was delivered by Richard Lamb, the former governor of Colorado. The speech was made during a conference on immigration, and it was held in Washington, D. C. I will only give the points that he made regarding how to destroy America. I'm giving these points not merely because I want you to be aware, but because most of the points that he made are clearly shown in the Bible that God agrees. The points he made are true and destructive. In addition, recorded histories written by men also show them to be true. And with this combination of background, they are more valid than many other points that I have ever seen listed.

Number one was not given by Mr. Lamb, but I mention it because it was the foundation that God gave to ancient Israel's problems with other peoples within their homeland. God commanded them that when Israel entered the land, they were to push out all other people and kill them if necessary. You will find that in Numbers 13 and 14.

Number Two: All it took for God to destroy what was building in Babylon (Genesis 11) was to destroy the people's ability to speak to each other in a common language. Thus, to destroy the United States, turn the United States into a bilingual nation by not forcing immigrants to learn English.

Listen to this. According to Mr. Lamb, no nation in the history of mankind has ever survived with two languages being spoken by the public. Interestingly, in the United States of America today, 100 different languages are spoken.

Number Three: Invent multiculturalism and encourage immigrants to maintain the culture of the land that they emigrated from. Make it an article of belief in universities, emphasizing especially that all cultures are equal. Well, that idea is rancid baloney. Do you honestly believe that a culture, largely derived from God, is equaled by any culture anywhere in the world that is devised by demons?

Number Four: (This is closely tied to number three.) Make sure that the subject of diversity is ultimately of greater importance than unity. This is the subject where the principle of being a melting pot nation, in which all become blended in unity, is changed through the salad bowl analogy, where each culture culture retains its own identity. The differences are emphasized in this rather than the similarities that the peoples have. So much for E pluribus unum, which means, "Out of many, one." Can you imagine what that would do to the church? It would be destroyed, and this approach will destroy this nation, too.

Number Five: A program must be launched to create victimology. The purpose is to get all minorities to think that their lack of success is the fault of the majority. Now, to keep this one going would also create an entire grievance industry to stir feelings of being taken advantage of. This is where the media comes in. They are pushing this constantly.

Number Six: It has not yet occurred, and it takes a bit of knowledge of ancient history to really relate to it, but it can happen here because we are human, too. Ancient Greece is the model. Consider this: Diverse people are the ones most likely to fight one another within the same nation. But in ancient Greece, the people were all the same race of people. They possessed a common language. They worshiped the same gods and they participated in the Olympic Games. However, when a common enemy threatened (Persia), local patriotism and geographical conditions could not be overcome. The Persians won the war. They lost to the Spartans with the 300 men, but then they just swept right over Greece. The Greeks were what we call today "balkanized." If America becomes balkanized through local loyalties, we too will fall. Don't think it can't happen here because the Southwest United States is already moving in that direction. Do you know that Texans unofficially have told California, "We are not going to rescue you"? We are becoming balkanized. (There is a boom going on in Texas.)

Number Seven: This one is already in process. Leadership must make it impossible to enforce immigration laws. The argument used here is that immigration is good for the United States, therefore, it is always good. Where is the proof for that? It doesn't exist. The key word there is "always." At the same time that mantra is being used, another program has arisen. (This is going along with the others.) Discussion of truths must be suppressed by leadership. In other words, those in leadership are making every effort to make American citizens believe that we must accept these people illegally stealing their way into the country on the basis of being a good, kind, caring Christian. They're throwing the religion back in people's faces. Thus, they turn the tables by making it the Christians' fault that these conditions are occurring, and very simply, they will not even rationally discuss the issues until the Christians change their "selfish" opinion. As they charge, all the while, the leadership has an entirely self-centered agenda. A very interesting affair at the very least.