Commentary: A Government to Fear (Part Seven)


Given 14-Jun-14; 12 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh observes that, even though Western (Israelitish) governments are comparatively less tyrannical than their Gentile counterparts, they too have their ways of establishing influence over the populace. Gentile governments have historically exterminated more human beings than have disease or natural causes combined. Sadly, the American government is moving toward a Gentile-type tyranny at the helm of a President who does not share Western values. Aside from the mystery and confusion of his birth origin, President Obama spent a large portion of his formative life outside of the United States, absorbing Muslim and collectivist values and loyalties. He has never been a product of the ghetto (even though he has appealed to that segment of American society); he has been a product of an upper middle class family with loyalties to Marxist socialism, intending to 'transform' this country into a collectivist state with decidedly Gentile ways of dealing with its clientele, including destroying the opposition by vilification, criminalization, and ultimate extermination. The current far left Democrat Party plan of 'exporting' millions of children from South America into the United States is to create a population of dependents beholden to the 'benevolent' ruling party. The leaders of this same party, having adopted the political correctness poison from the secular progressives, establishing homosexual unions, radical feminism, and a tolerance for mass murder of infants (abortion), now are playing the Republican Party like a violin. For the past half century, the progressives have had almost complete control of public education, softening the culture for the acceptance of socialism and collectivism though political correct Orwellian doublespeak. The handwriting is on the wall, forecasting dangerous times ahead for Christians.



Governments in the West have historically been stable and fairly benign as compared to the Gentile governments in other parts of the world over the past 200 or so years. I believe that the major influence establishing them with these more peaceful attitudes and activities has been elements of Christianity in the minds of the leadership. It might be helpful to recall that when I said the last 200 years, that places the formation of these more stable governments as appearing almost immediately following the Protestant Reformation and the more benign influences that put into those men's minds.

They were and are still nowhere near perfect because the carnality of human nature is still there. But the governing spirit that tends to want to seek more power tends to be activated in a more subtle, less violent way. But they still managed to be decidedly self-centered and controlling.

Western governments tend to accomplish their competitive aggressiveness by conquering others economically without the bloody necessity of killing. Nonetheless, they are still defeating others in this manner and increasing their own controlling position in the world.

The contrast between the West and others is rather startling. Here are some examples from an email sent to me by Brett Reeter, and it contained a video that gave a listing of statistics, showing the number of people killed by governments in their rise to power and their efforts to use that power to control, in many cases, their own citizens. The video was entitled, "Death by Government."

Let's begin with Germany. From 1935-1945, Germany is charged with the deaths of almost 21 million people.

The USSR, under communism, from 1970-1987, is charged with the deaths of almost 62 million of its own citizens.

Japan: 1936-1945, in their invasions in the Western Pacific, almost six million people killed.

China: from 1949-1987—hold onto your hats—the government there killed 76 million of their fellow Chinese alone.

Cambodia: 1975-1979: Two million of their fellow Cambodians.

Vietnam: 1949-1987: 1,600,000 fellow Vietnamese.

North Korea: 1948 1987: 1,600,000 North Koreans.

I could go on and on because the list went on and on.

I have a question for you to face: Why has the government of Barack Obama, just in the last few years, purchased 1.6 billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition and other items that give every appearance of being military equipment for use within the borders of this nation? We've never had a President like Barack Obama. He is so different, it is incredible.

I know some of his birth circumstances and his growing up circumstances, during which he spent the first 15 years of his life not even living in the United States of America. What attitudes were created then? He gives the impression that his roots are in a ghetto. But the raw truth is this: He was raised in upper-middle class circumstances from birth on. He attended private schools. When he finally got to the United States and began to go to university, he attended Pepperdine, Columbia University, and Harvard, every one of them very expensive. Where did the money come from?

Even when he was living here with his mother, both of them were under the frequent and direct influence of a known communist. And so I wonder, can he even be considered American in his thinking? He is making moves very, very frequently to accrue power to himself, and boldly ignoring the Constitution and other branches of government in the manner of a dictator. Meanwhile, a largely uncaring public applauds him. As Jesus said in Luke 22:25, he is acting like the Gentile rulers and being hailed as a benefactor.

President Obama is the latest recipient of the fruit of a plan that was inaugurated less than 100 years ago in the United States by those who believed in communism, and if that failed, they would at the very least change the government to a far more socialist model than existed here at that time. Their aim was to produce power for themselves and the party. They surreptitiously began their work, and as the years went by, they added small groups of people who might normally have joined with the Democratic Party to their fold, and in that manner, after being added, these people gradually increased in their devotion to the socialist, anti-God concepts.

The greatest early advance of their progress was in the Roosevelt administration. The developments became so obvious that during the 1950s, the hearings regarding communism were daily in the news, and Senator McCarthy earned the scorn of those who examined these people and the media. History reveals that McCarthy was far more right than wrong.

I mentioned earlier that political figures in the West are subtle compared to the Gentile leadership. Their greatest progress, though, was made in education, beginning right in the elementary schools but continuing on through the universities. Government schools do not exist just to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. They exist to teach the government's way of thinking and doing things so its programs continue to make progress. Isn't God doing basically the same thing? That's why you're here. You're going to school to learn God's programs. It's God's government school. The big difference is what we are being taught.

Now remember Humpty Dumpty and Alice's question about the meaning of words? Humpty, in the satire, represented the government. His reply was that "Words mean what I tell you they mean." That was no figment of Lewis Carroll's imagination. The scenario was in progress in England at the time. Someone you may know better, by name anyway: George Orwell, also another Englishman—he also perceived elements of this that appear in his writings like 1984.

Political correctness was launched a long time ago and subtly pushed in circles of influence. The purpose was to produce a socialist, Communistic equality, along with the elements regarding the appropriateness of homosexuality, lesbianism, same-sex marriage, feminism, thus liberating a woman from the home because this movement was designed to undercut marriage. In socialism, the government becomes the god, the supplier of all good things. The true creator God must be debunked and the Bible relegated to the mindless meanderings of primitive people. Those of you who are older know this has occurred.

This week, another event occurred that is part of the master plan to continue the progress. Arrangements were made to bring countless numbers of children from Latin America into the United States. The purpose is as clear as daylight. They are preparing another group dependent upon the present government and who will always vote for the present government because they perceive that government as their savior. The new group of children will have no concept whatever of this nation's history, and they really will not be Americans. They will merely be citizens of the world, dependent upon this nation's government.

The Democrats are playing the Republican Party and the hapless, undereducated American people like a violin. Most Americans do not seem to grasp even a slim slice of what is happening to their former liberties as an American. Some few do seem to get it, and usually these people are older and they are more religious. But they are hopelessly outnumbered in terms of civil power and are consistently criminalized by the godless government courts. The handwriting is on the wall. We live under a government to be feared.