Commentary: A Government to Fear (Part Six)


Given 07-Jun-14; 14 minutes

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Our government has changed for the worse in the past 50 years, incrementally acquiring the modus operandi of tyrannical collective dictatorships like Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. Our governmental leaders have been following a socio-cultural cycle that has operated for millennia. When a group of people attain dominance (as is rapidly taking place under the humanist progressives), they seek to marginalize and eventually destroy all opponents. Currently, practicing Christians are becoming caricatured as buffoons and idiots, subjected to vilifying. In time, these stages will be followed by others, leading to criminalization and ultimately to the "final solution" or extermination. The willful media accomplices are participating in creating a kind of sinister doublespeak, creating new definitions for hate speech. The movers and shakers of the current government know that whoever controls the language controls the debate; whoever controls the debate controls the law; whoever controls the law controls the government; whoever controls the government controls the people. We need to shake ourselves from the infectious torpor and apathy of the beguiled American citizenry now being incrementally enslaved.



I believe that this is the sixth of this present series of commentaries that I have titled, "A Government to Fear." I believe that any of you who are following Jesus' admonition to us living in this time just before His return to establish His government to be alert will agree with this title.

Our government here in America is a government to fear. It did not used to be this way, but our government's general attitudes and operations toward carrying out its responsibility in managing this nation have changed so radically over the past 60 to 70 years, it is almost mind-boggling. Those of you who are younger haven't had the experience to have actually lived through many of the changes. But you nonetheless have enough education to grasp, even with your shorter experiences than I have had, to understand much of the disappearances of our liberties.

For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in history. I do not mean that my interest was a burning zeal that more or less dominated my life, but I do believe that my interest was more intense than the average person. Thus, I have specifically sought out books to read on historical subjects. But there are people in this world who have made cataloging histories their life's work. They have recorded that the rise and fall of civilizations and those civilizations' cultures progress through the steps of a fairly clear pattern of attitudes of the people and the circumstances those attitudes create.

Perhaps the most famous of these chronicles is The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon. Rome's rise and fall is not unique. Other nations have gone through the same basic pattern, and elements of this pattern are shown in the history that the Bible records. This pattern begins with a fairly large grouping of people who have much in common, finding themselves in bondage to what seems to be a more powerful occupying force. But those people desire to be free, and they begin that movement toward freedom through faith that their desire to be free can be accomplished.

Through their faith, courage to make the attempts toward freedom necessarily gradually builds. They meet the demands of their challenges and break free of their bondage. But once free and still in that spirit, they produce greater material abundance than they ever had before. But the abundance itself is not enough, and self centeredness forces its way to the forefront, and complacently begins to arise because the people want time to enjoy the fruits of their conquests.

However, complacency doesn't stand still, either. It gradually slides into apathy, and the desire to defend what was accomplished declines rapidly. The fruit of that attitude is dependency on the glories of the past, and what remains is without the fervent desire to defend it themselves. It is the attitude of people living it up as Rome burns. That attitude—the dependency—slides the civilization right back to where it started to bondage to another civilization on the rise.

That is a fairly clear historical progression for an entire culture. But the progression that I gave last week occurs when, at some time, one part of the ongoing culture conspires to dominate and control the entire culture.

Historians, again, have fairly clear and recent historical evidence, showing how this occurs. The rise of the socialist, Communist and Nazi sectors in modern republics offer fairly good examples. The takeover process begins with characterization of the attacked group as dumb, idiotic, stupid, uneducated, unskilled, low-lifers, animal-like, violent thieves, and this is done in order to make them looked down upon by the others. You will notice in today's news how the media identifies Tea Party members.

The next step is to more forcefully marginalize them by denying them opportunities for better employment and higher education. Third is even more forceful name-calling by vilifying them as to be feared haters of others. Mild, but more direct, persecution gets underway in this fourth stage.

The fourth stage is to villainize them through arrests and charging them with crimes. This is the stage the Nazi Germany's famed Kristallnacht took place against the Jews. In the USA, this is the stage that we are have entered into, and people with Christian principles strongly guiding their lives are being arrested as being haters of homosexuals and lesbians because the Christians invoke their Constitution-given rights to practice their personally held religious beliefs. The homosexuals and lesbians have their rights protected, but the Christians, when doing the same thing, are arrested and framed as being the villains. This is the stage that we have progressed to in America's degenerate slide toward almost total immorality.

The fifth step is to formally criminalize Christianity, as Hitler did to the Jews when the Nazis began rounding up Jews and arresting them and putting them out of the way in prisons simply because they were Jews. The final step, the ultimate solution, is to put them all to death, as the Nazis attempted to do with the infamous ovens under the cover of the Second World War. I hope you are getting the point. We are moving in this direction.

How is the American government getting away with this? One overall reason is that the citizenry as a whole is in a state of apathy. I mentioned this before in the other progression. It is in the state of apathy and dependency. Apathy is an attitude of not caring—not caring what's happening, and dependency (or living itself) is largely in the hands of the government. Forty-seven percent of the population of the United States is on the dole to some degree to the United States' government. This puts those people in a bind. They are both apathetic and dependent upon the one who holds the power, and thus keeps them from rebelling. We've been maneuvered into this.

How did this occur? There is a truism that the movers and shakers are following, and this helped to create this. Listen carefully—this is very important: Whoever controls the language controls the debate. Whoever controls the debate controls the loss. Whoever controls the laws controls the civil government, and then the government controls the people. Another progression. Another pattern. This has been followed almost to a T.

Many look upon Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, as a children's story. However, it was penned by Mr. Carroll as a political satire, and in it, Mr. Carroll penned a conversation between Humpty Dumpty and Alice. Now, in this section, Alice begins by asking a question of Humpty Dumpty. She said,

"I don’t know what you mean by "glory."

Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously, saying, "Of course you don’t—till I tell you…. When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less."

"The question is," replied Alice, "Whether you can make words mean so many different things."

"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "Which is to be master—that’s all."

A very clear example of what Lewis Carroll illustrates is the term, "hate crimes." The government, media, and the judiciary have completely turned the meaning of that term to their own uses by forming it to mean an act in which not one shred of hate even exists. But the person is accused regardless, and thus, a God-believing person is vilified—there is the stage we are in—simply because he believes God's Word, not the government's. The government is working diligently to make changes now in "hate speech" laws. It is already being debated in Canada and in the United Nations. So hold onto your hat because this one may lead to attempts to the end of preaching nothing but what the Beast allows.