Commentary: The Global Environmental Ethic (Part Two)

Environmental Sabbath

Given 27-Dec-14; 15 minutes

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Martin Collins, reminding us there will be an obsession with earth worship at the end times, elevating the environment with the flora and fauna above the Creator, identifies this eco-idolatry with the judgment of the Sixth Trumpet or the second woe. The eco-feminist worldview despises the alleged hegemony of the male dominated patriarchic religions, Judaism and Christianity, attempting to replace them with an environmental earth-goddess worldview. The United Nations Environmental Program, with its eco-feministic outlook, desires to: 1) Replace the concept of a sovereign God ruling over nature with a co-evolutionary or mother-earth centered community, 2) create a view of the world as an organic living whole, manifesting energy, spirit, agency and creativity, 3) replace the view of animals, plants, and minerals being utilitarian possessions of human beings with a view of all things having intrinsic value to be respected and celebrated for their own being (as viewed by animal rights movements), 4) foster the idea that humans must see themselves as holistically interdependent with nature, 5) reject the idea of patriarchic dominance which has been characterized as the root of all false religion, 6) reject Western (especially the allegedly exclusivist, 'racist' white Christian 'male dominated') culture, replacing it with a diversity of human cultures, and 7) rejection of the survival-of-the fittest mind-set with participatory, community-based welfare (Socialism, Communism, and 'progressivism'). The mother-earth, Gaia idea is the cornerstone of this transformation. The United Nations Environmental Program desires an extermination of the Western Christian view on earth, replacing it with 'positive pagan' and New Age worldviews. Tree worship, to the environmentalists, encompasses three worlds: the underworld, world, and heavens, connecting the living and the dead. The origin o



At the time of the end, during the Sixth Trumpet (which is the second Woe), Jesus Christ reveals to God’s church that mankind is characterized by its sin of earth worship, which involves idolizing the elements, plants, and animals:

Revelation 9:20 the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood [including plants and trees], which can neither see nor hear nor walk.

Eco-feminists claim to promote more harmonious worldviews, such as the sacredness of the soil, saying, “The soil is our Goddess; it is our religion.” They prefer this over and against (in their words) “the ego-driven hegemony of Christian doctrine.” It’s not hard to see that eco-feminism is antagonistic to Christianity and the image of God the Father as supreme.

According to Carl Teichrib, in his Cult of Green: The United Nations Environmental Sabbath and the New Global Ethic, the United Nations Environmental program (UNEP) interpretive volume, Cultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity, encourages people to adopt the eco-feminist’s philosophy that promotes a number of "interconnected transformations of our world-view."

Let me give you seven eco-transformations that the UNEP is trying to accomplish worldwide. This is where they are trying to get the world to head in the way of a global ethic or a view of religion and the environment. They are attempting to move the social conscience from what they view as the negative Christian worldview to a global ethic that is co-evolutionary and "Mother Earth" centered. I will give you seven:

1. "A shift from a conception of God as holding all sovereign power outside of and ruling over nature to a conception of God who is under and around all things, sustaining and renewing nature and humanity together as one creational biotic community." [i.e., an Earth goddess]

2. "A shift to a view of the world as an organic living whole, manifesting energy, spirit, agency and creativity." [i.e., humanism]

3. "A shift from an ethic that non-human entities on the earth, such as animals, plants, minerals, water, air and soil have only utilitarian use value to a view of all things having intrinsic value to be respected and celebrated for their own being." [This has begun with animal and environmental rights over humans. We in God's church want to take care of the creation that God has given us to be over, and we should, following God's example and God's wisdom. We should take care of the environment, but not to the point of worshipping it, as these people do.]

4. "A shift to a holistic psychology that recognizes ourselves as psychospiritual-physical wholes in interrelation with the rest of nature as also psychospiritual-physical wholes who are mutually interdependent in one community of life." [i.e., a New Age religion]

5. "A shift from a view that patriarchal dominance is the order of nature to a recognition that patriarchal dominance is the root of distorted relations." [Replacement of fatherhood of families and God the Father with feminism and goddess worship]

6. "A shift from the concept of one superior culture [they are speaking of white, Western Christian men] to be imposed on all other peoples to 'save' and civilize' them to a respect for the diversity of human cultures in dialogue and mutual learning, overcoming racist hierarchy and defending particularly the bioregional indigenous cultures which are on the verge of extinction." [That might sound good on the surface, but in reality the result will be genocide of Christians because they want to get rid of everyone that is of a Christian mindset.]

7. "A shift from a politics of survival of the fittest that allocate resources and power to the most powerful; to a political community based on participatory democracy, community-based decision-making and representation of the welfare of the whole bio-region in making decisions." [i.e., Socialism, Communism, Progressivism]

Fitting with these alternative views of eco-transformation, Cultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity presents the Mother Earth ‘Gaia’ idea as a cornerstone paradigm. This favored worldview entwines various co-evolutionary and Mother Goddess concepts around a self-organizing Earth principle.

Conversely, in reference to the Judeo-Christian order of nature as found in the first chapter of Genesis, the UNEP volume contends that "a culture built on 'domination of the earth, and the animals therein' is doomed to disappear." What they are doing is predicting the destruction of the Christian view on earth. So, it's no surprise to read in the UNEP volume,

Primitive religions and cultures [referring to pagan, especially Eastern, religions], often conceived of as constituting one single and earliest form of religion, have constantly functioned as the positive or negative counterpart to Western civilization and life. [Meaning: the pagan peoples of the world are the positive, and Christianity is the negative, side of what is affecting the earth.]

In the period of environmentalism, they [pagan religions] have predominately functioned as positive, sometimes even paradiseacal models for an ecologically sound world-view and society. The period of environmentalism coincides with a period of New Age thinking.

They themselves equate New Age thinking with environmentalism and do not distinguish between the two. Obviously, the religious foundation for the institution of this global ethic, which is supposedly designed to save the planet from calamity, must be built on pagan/Eastern cosmologies, according to their own writings. Christianity, maligned with its Western consumption and development patterns, its dominance over gender and nature, and its racially "superior" cultural mindset, must "disappear," is what they are saying. They are saying Christianity must be destroyed and eradicated from the earth.

According to the UN’s explanatory documents, Christianity (or a form of it) can have its place at the international table. In a metaphorical way, a spot for it has been set, along with place mats for the other monotheistic faiths. They mean that they do not want representations of Christianity being there, but just in theory, something there to discuss with other religions.

However, two unspoken, simple requirements first need to be met, according to the UNEP and its documents. First, abandon the fundamentalist aspects of the Biblical faith, rife with its talk of sin and salvation, and reject the exclusiveness of Jesus Christ, which separates and divides. Secondly, join the world in re-forging society so that the "motherhood of God" prevails. You know where they are headed with this UNEP—they tell us themselves in their sub-documents, not in their main document.

In other words, "Turn your back on the narrow, foundational tenants of the Bible and partner with all pagan religions to create a unified world, recognizing that all religions are valid expressions of the Living Cosmos. And it doesn't really matter what order this is done in, as long as the end result of a new global ethic is attained." The end justifies the means in their view.

Earth worship is nothing new and neither is the tree worship associated with it. According to the subheading “World Tree” in the Wikipedia article on “Tree Worship”:

The tree, with its branches reaching up into the sky, and roots deep into the earth, can be seen to dwell in three worlds - a link between heaven, the earth, and the underworld, uniting above and below. It is also both a feminine symbol, bearing sustenance; and a masculine, phallic symbol - another union [because it represents the male sexual part].

For this reason, many mythologies around the world have the concept of the World tree, a great tree that acts as an Axis mundi, supporting or holding up the cosmos, and providing a link between the heavens, earth and underworld.

Plants are the only medium that connects the living and nonliving things in the environment. Every religion accepts the importance of trees. Hence, worship of trees was in existence from the ancient times. Eco Worship is the Worship of Environment through plants.

In reality, people in various countries around the world are already substantially programmed to accept the importance of trees in worship through Christmas celebrations. These thoroughly pagan celebrations take place almost everywhere on earth, including Australia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Russia, Europe, and the African nations, North, Central and South America.

As you know, the Christmas tree originates from the pagan tradition and ritual surrounding the Winter Solstice and Saturnalia celebrations, which included the use of evergreens, and an adaptation of pagan tree worship.

Today, Eco-worship involves worship of the environment through plants. Prayers are commonly offered to various types of trees. The ancient pagan origin of the decoration and reverence of trees (especially evergreens) is clearly documented in historical works and, of course, the most reliable source: the Old Testament of the Bible.

In the sixth century BC, the prophet Jeremiah described the ancient pagan tradition of decorating and idolizing trees:

Jeremiah 10:3-11 For the customs of the peoples are futile; for one cuts a tree from the forest, The work of the hands of the workman, with the ax. They decorate it with silver and gold; they fasten it with nails and hammers so that it will not topple. They are upright, like a palm tree, and they cannot speak; they must be carried, because they cannot go by themselves. Do not be afraid of them, for they cannot do evil, nor can they do any good. But they [the people] are altogether dull-hearted and foolish; a wooden idol is a worthless doctrine. But the Lord is the true God; He is the living God and the everlasting King. At His wrath the earth will tremble, and the nations will not be able to endure His indignation. Thus you shall say to them: "The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth shall perish from the earth and from under these heavens."

No matter what the UN and the rest of the globalists do to promote this eco-religion, it will not prevail because God is almighty and supreme. But you will see it society everywhere, from the movies to the books to the commercials to the documentaries—you will see this being implanted into these things so that people are programmed. And it has been going on for quite a long time already.